Sunday, 5 May 2013

I am Still Here!

My last post read 'It's nearly Christmas!'  Well, we have had Valentines, Mothers Day and Easter, without a peep from me. A kind note from a fellow blogger made me think I ought to say hi. I haven't given up crafting or blogging. The crafting has been happening behind the scenes but the blogging has taken a definite back seat.

The fact is lots has happened here. Most of it good and some of it challenging. I am not one to bare all facets of my life in on the blogosphere, but suffice to say, we are moving house very soon and I really hope that life will return to a more reasonable pace where I can blog from time to time and drop into the CraftBritannia etsy group more often.

I have lots of things to show you. I have made gloves, quilt and some really lovely crochet, but it all has to wait a wee bit longer. I even have to try to make a costume for someone to be Link from Legend of Zelda this week whilst shifting boxes.

I look forward to blogging again very soon dear friends.