Tuesday, 27 September 2011


UPDATE!!!!  Here is the actual Witch you will win, so go spread the word because we need more entries.

Ok, in my last post I indicated there would be a Halloween giveaway.  I also said it would be one of my little bunnies! ...........  I lied!
Not about the giveaway, that's still happening.

Not about it being for Halloween, that's still a go!

What it is is that it will not be a knitted bunny.  The thing is, I sew in my craft room during the day but my knitting all takes place in the evening whilst watching tv.  So why is this a problem?  I hear you cry.  Well I have learned to crochet finally!  I have tried on and off for years but I have finally got it, so all evening activities are currently hook based.  I am crocheting a blanket,  and rather selfishly I don't want to stop or have any more UFOs floating about.

So, instead, I have decided to make another of these Tilda Witches.  Now, Tilda things cannot be made to sell but no one will mind me giving one away.  Here is a couple of piccies of two I made previously and the prize will be similar but not the same.  I shall start it at the weekend, and as soon as she is ready will add to this post instead of these not so fantastic pictures. UPDATE above.

So, what is your role in all this?  Its all the usual things really. 

Leave me a comment for one entry.  If you do not have a blog (as this does make it difficult), just e-mail me from the about me page and I will add your comment myself.

If you do have a blog yourself.  Spread the word on your own blog for a second entry.

If you tweet my giveaway, you get a third.  Let me know your @ so I can follow you.

If you facebook it that's a fourth.  Same as twitter, if you let me know where you are I can say `hi`

I think its fair to ask for a minimum of 10 entrants for the draw to take place.  Not much of a contest if not, so please go spread the word.
So basically leave one comment telling me what you have done and I shall assign the correct amount of entries.  So if you are the third commenter and have done all the entries, you will get no 3, 4, 5 &6.  Quite simple.
The draw closes at 3pm (uk time) on Monday 24th October 2011.  This will give us a whole week before Halloween to contact one another and get Miss Witch off to her new abode.

So what are you waiting for?  Off you go, tell your buddies.  I am not going to make you follow the blog, but it stands to reason that if you do, you get to find out if you are the lucky one much easier.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

More Halloweenyness!

My blogging rate has been utterly deplorable of late and this  flying post is no exception. I am trying to get things actually made and completed at the mo which means less time for blogging. My attack of `startitis` (you know where you just have to start a new project before finishing the one you are doing) has gotten out of control.  Something has to give doesn't it?
Well this weeks finishees (is that a word? it is now) are actually the most recent starts because they are Halloween themed so took precedence as they are somewhat time sensitive.
Briar and Bramble are cute little bunnies all dressed up for Halloween trick or treatery.  They are a really soft shade of mossy green and knitted in a soft snuggly baby yarn.  They should be fine for smaller folk too.  At just £15 also really affordable.
I think I have time to knit one more so the next post will be a giveaway announcement!!! Watch this space and tell your friends to follow this blog so they don't miss it.


Saturday, 10 September 2011


Its getting to that time of year again!  Yes, Halloween!  I,  for one, love it.  I usually try to do a few projects for that special time.  Nearer the time I shall prolly do a batch of themed cupcakes.  Take a peek at last years if you didnt read my blog last year. I so made too many but they were so much fun to make.

Well, I have just listed the first two collectable cuteycritters on etsy this afternoon and hope to have made 2 or 3 more before the end of the month.  Click on the pic captions to take you straight to the listings or visit my shopfront to browse everything.  Oh, and please do tell your mates to come and say `Hi` (or Boo!).  We always like new buddies here at Cuteycritters.

Toby has been to the Pumpkin patch, but now he would like some goodies please.

Willow is all dressed up for some witching, but she is a good girl really.

Couldnt resist this picture of Toby trying to trick or treat the dollshouse folk.  He will scare them half to death. Poor things.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Goodbye Summer. Hello Autumn

So, the summer hols have come to another end.  As you may know, I work in a school for my day job so I, like lots of gleeful children, get 6 glorious week off in the summer.  Now, its has to be said that the weather hasn't been fabulous but its been ok, and,  if  I am honest, I am not that bothered.  Its just nice to have time for walking, fruit picking, gardening, knitting, sewing and cooking.  Phew! how do I get time to work at all?  I do a lot of these things during term time too but just more of it in the hols. 

There is always a degree of catching up with jobs like painting  the deck and trips to the recycling centre with LOADS of weeds. I even tidied the undersink cupboard!  This is an achievement for me.

My newest passion is jam!!!  Who knew it was that easy? Who knew I would become addicted?  I have not actually bought a jar of the stuff in a whole year.  We started off with just bramble last autumn. Then rhubarb and vanilla earlier in the year when the rhubarb was reduced loads in waitrose. Same in early summer when the strawbs were going for a song.  Recently I have gone on a foraging rampage and we have apple and blackberry jam and raspberry (foraged from my own garden) and blackberry jelly.  I have even considered picking hawthorn berries for jelly as I read they are perfectly fine.

So, here is what is left of my jam cupboard she says proudly. Needless to say,  I have nommed quite a lot and various family members have made off with a jar or two. I need to get some of those pretty tops going on really.  Chutney is the next project for half term. I have a fab recipe for Christmas. I may share if you are all very nice to me.

Don't worry, there has been sewing and knitting.  I have a couple of Halloween collectibles to show off next time and have even made a lovely Christmas bear with a bit of a panda look about her. Because that IS creeping up I am afraid. Think its about 15 and a half weeks or thereabouts.