Sunday, 22 August 2010

Studio To Summerhouse, The transformation

Do you remember my little studio in the garden?

Well here it is as it was a little over a year ago when my lovely daughter moved into her own flat, thus leaving a nice large room purposeless.
It was my little bolt hole where I made all my bags etc. Boy was it small! Well still is actually. I Have done no extensions, its still only a cute 4ft x 8ft.

After a few months, I kinda got used to the fact that she had left home and tried to not see it as her room and moved all the crafty stuff to a new home. Do you know? I think I make more mess in a large room than I ever did in the carriage.
Well, up until last Wednesday, it had become forgotten and forlorn with crap that we could not be bothered to get rid of, and quite frankly a waste of space. It has to be said that hubby wanted to get rid of it, but, I thought it would cost an awful lot to get rid of and besides he spent quite a lot on buying it for me. So, I believed it could still be used. So when I found 2 perfect wicker chairs on ebay starting at £5 and pick up 40 mins away, I went for it. Luckily for me, no-one else was game so I got a real bargain. Then we sold my sons lego which he rejected when we did a pre-decorating clear out. That signalled me to get started. Off to B&Q for paint I went

This is how it looked all cleared. Quite nice but very tired.

I chose a colour called `Misted Hills` which was on the green page as I thought one tin would do the carriage and my utility room and had already picked it for that.
So, I did a patch in both. Imagine my surprise when it was indeed a pale sage in the utility, but bluey lilac in the studio! I had to say `sodit` and carry on cos I had it now. I was incredibly worried and, when all panels were painted, it looked like a shabby battleship!!! I felt no better and there were rude words I can tell you! Quite certain at this point I had goofed up.

So I went in for a coffee and to breathe deeply.
Never to be defeated, and still with some optimism, I decided I would paint the beading cream as I had some cream satinwood left from sons bedroom. Ever the miser, I mean thrifter, this would only cost my time and may just work. Right?
Do you know, by the time the woodwork was done, the emulsion had dried to a gorgeous eau de nil colour and was just bloody perfect in my opinion.

Being so small its so hard to get a good angle. This last shot is through the glass so a bit fuzzy but you can sort of see it all.

All in all a very frugal project.
Half tin of emulsion (cos need other half for another room) £7.50
2 x chairs £5
2 x wicker hearts (the most expensive thing! and I changed the ribbon from how they arrived) £7
Table and tray mementos from my dear Nans flat as she has gone to a rest home and will love where I have put it as she loves summerhouses £0
Other decorations, already had.
Total spend £19.50
Not bad if you ask me. Yes, I have sat very smugly several times with coffee in one hand and cake in the other. I even knitted out there yesterday.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cupcake Inspiration

Yesterday I visited my sister-in-law for the first time in ages. I said I would bring cake as my gluten freeness is a bit of a pain and its just easier if I bring them. Also, I just love making cupcakes. I said this to my son and he enquired "If you could only make cupcakes or only eat cupcakes, which would you choose?" I said `make` obviously, and I really meant it. I would be far more mortified if they outlawed making them than eating them. Not that they are not yummy, I just love creating more than eating.
I have been totally inspired by this lady`s creations, and went a bit further on the normal. The photography in the dullest of August mornings leaves a bit to be desired. As they were leaving the house, they did not make it onto a nicely staged cake stand (which I do own 2 of actually), which would have improved the whole presentation a lot. Nonetheless, I am kinda chuffed and will be presenting more to bore you with in the future.

This item is possibly the best thing i have bought this year. Pesky flies thwarted.

As a footnote. Finally got my son to try felafel! Hubby wont even entertain the thought but no 1 son is a bit more adventurous. He was ambivalent about chick pea goodness itself but did agree that this was kinda posh for weekday lunching.

Gift basket update

Well, I am still unaware as to whether it made it there in one piece, but am hoping no news is good news.
Remember the bunnies in the last post? Well they went into this gift basket purchased from me via etsy`s `alchemy` custom request system. I have found this a great way to work. You tender for the work and if you do it right you get the gig and make the item completely bespoke for your client. I have loved every project I have taken on from this.
Anyway, this lady's best friend and her family (all from USA) upped sticks and moved to the UK last week. Said client requested a welcome home gift basket for her friend which had UK/USA theme.
I am not going to bore you with all the components and why. Here are some pics of what I put together for her. The bunnies were special gifts for 2 yr old twins.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sneaky peek

I have been working a simply lovely alchemy request for someone and am bursting to show. I want to wait for the full reveal until it is in the hands of its recipient. Whilst I dont think they follow my blog, I wouldn`t want to take the chance and spoil the surprise. In the meantime, the cute little girl bunnies are part of the plot.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Drum Roll please. We have a winner!

I know its been a long time coming. I have collated the entries and using the random number generator (more reliable than the hat), I am pleased to announce that

Scottiedog who said
The green one is definately my favourite - his picture is now posted on my blog!
My daughter (7) would say "He is Soooooooooo Cute!!"

Is the lucky winner. Congratulations

Would you like to let me know if you still would like the Minty one or maybe another. Also if you would like personalisation.

Sorry you could not all be winners. As a consolation, I am offering free shipping on any item in the cuteycritters shop until the end of September for all entrants to this giveaway. Just convo me and I will revise the relevant listing for you. This is the perfect time to start squirrelling away unique handmade items for Christmas, as I tend to get quite busy with custom orders after that. Sneaky heads up. I am working on Festive elephants at the mo.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Giveaway now closed

Hi folks. Back from a well earned rest in sunny Tenerife.

The giveaway is now closed. I will collate the entries and use random number generator to give the winner in a day or two (when I have waded through the laundry!!!). Just to clarify, I will take each comment in order and award correct mount of entries as per twitter and blog posts then pick a winner by number.

Sarah comments and tells me she has twittered and blogged she gets no 1, 2, & 3
Fred comments and blogs, he gets 4 and 5.
And so on and so forth.