Sunday, 18 January 2015

New Year, New Look, New Resolutions

I am sure no one remembers, but it has been a whopping 15 months since my last blog post!!!!! I know, that's really slacking isn't it?
Life has been odd, tiresome and difficult. I will not bore anyone with details, but things are looking positive now.

My little grandson is growing up fast and just enjoyed his second Christmas and this morning I woke up with some renewed resolve to get both my etsy shop up and running at a level that we all enjoyed with Cutey Critters (more on that at some point), and blog with some actual repetition!!!! Kick me if I do not lovely readers...please.

So, I have sifted, tested and trawled to gift the blog a facelift and changed the title to match the shop. What do you think. I just love it. Not only does the vintage sewing pattern design tone beautifully with my header, but actually says what I am all about.

I have lots of ideas up my sleeve for new items and look forward to getting those to fruition and sharing with you on here.

All the delicate embellished hearts are on sale at £2 each. They look so sweet on a door handle or as I saw at a friends house hanging from a curtain hold back. Some are festive but many would work all year around. Ideal for the children to buy for mothers day at pocket money prices. Have a look and start thinking what dull little areas of your home you can adorn. Don't forget to browse the rest of the shop. I have dusted and hoovered in there so you should not find any cobwebs.