Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Good Cake Book to tell you about and its gluten free

I am a bit of a sucker for both books and cakes and was delighted to recieve this book from my daughter for Christmas. I had put it on my wishlist as I was quite interested in the health factor or if, given all the recipes contain some "vegetables". Yes, I havent gone mad, I did say vegetables.  Things such as sweet potato, pumpkin and carrot to name but a few. What I hadnt realised was that all the recipes used rice flour, so perfect for me on my gluten free diet.  I have never let wheat flour in a recipe stop me and can usually adapt, but these have been intended that way and so far, work perfectly.
 Whilst looking through this book, my husband declared it sounded awful and certainly wasnt going to eat anything from that book. Well, he tells me he never reads my blog so we will find out because I am going to tell you, he has eaten enthusiastically 2 cakes made from these recipes. He hasnt a clue they contain non conventional ingredients and I am not going to tell him. Because its good for him. If he knew, he would refuse to try them so just goes to prove how good the recipes are. 
The first was Coffee & Walnut Courage Cake, here it is before we nommed it.
 Next, I tried "Beach and a Blanket Fruit Cake"
Now it has to be said, it should have cherries and blanched almonds as well as raisins, but I didnt have any. In line with the authors approval of maverick behaviour, I had to substitute butternut squash with sweet potato, but it still was the yummiest thing I have made for ages and the raisins did not sink!!!! If you cook gluten free, you will know how impossible this is.

Now , are you intruiged? Yes? Good. The book is called "Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache" and is written by Harry Eastwood.

The above link is for the lovely glam hardback which I have. Also available to pre-order in paperback, but I have to say the difference in price makes the hardback by far nicer.  Next on my "to bake" list is the Red Velvet Cake with, you guessed it, beetroot!!!!. Will keep you posted. Also, lets see if my hubby does sneak a read and refuses to eat cake ever again on the grounds I definitely cant be trusted. If he doesnt, my secret is safe. Also, brother-in-law, if you tell on me I shall never speak to you again. You know who you are.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Teddy Bear Tuesday

Couldn't decide who to feature this week, so have done a treasury over on etsy of some I really like.  Please visit the treasury here to visit the individual items. Hope you enjoy my little selection.
This is my ted. The screenshot changes everytime I add something to my favourites and I can't find a way to capture the treasury on here, so please click link above for the actual treasury. Yell if you know how

Monday, 16 January 2012

New Bunny

Just wanted to let you know that I have just listed a new bunny in my shop. The sharper eyed ones among you may notice she was there before. I had a lovely cusomer ask for extra clothes for her bunny before Christmas and not wanting to dissapoint, I literally sold her the clothes from Briannas back, along with Tabithas too. The poor loves have been shivering all over the last few weeks and I feel a little guilty for not finding them a wee blanket to cover them up.  Well Brianna has new clothes if Tabitha does not.  She will, dont worry. I have a couple of custom orders to sort and then she too can have new clothes.  Click on the picture to take you to her.
Find me here

Inspired by this ladys idea, I have also added to the shop a custom listing for extra outfits as it is not the first time I have been asked.
Click here to buy your bunny new clothes

This gives you 1 top and 1 bottom plus matching shoes, or 1 dress and matching shoes. it is for boys or girls and will fit not just bunnies, but any of my larger sized elephants, foxes, pandas and a knitted bear.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Teddy Bear Tuesday (on a Wednesday)

Oooops! Well, that's me all over isn't it?  Always late.

Today I wanted to tell you about Sew Special Bears. The lady that makes these is one of the reasons I decided to make teds myself. I have always loved bears and last year my interest was very much renewed. One reason was that cursed shopping channel showing me Charlie Bears (I will tell you about those another day). The other was Jackie at Sew Special Bears.  These are not mass produced bears, but very individual and often one off  creations of gorgeousness.  I do not own a Sew Special Bear yet, but one day I shall treat myself.  Seeing what Jackie had created gave my the inspiration to try myself. I have included a few pictures of my faves and wanted to also tell you she has a prize draw running on her website with fabulous prizes up for grabs. Click the highlighted link above and it will take you to her home page where you can find details of the draw and all her lovely bears.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Monday Catch Up and Hexipuff Madness

Eeeeap!  When I did the first TBT I did not intend it be all I blogged about. However, a full week has passed and here we are with Tuesday pending again. So I am dropping a little post in now to save me from only doing TBT.  Life has been so hectic. I don't seem to be getting anything done at all.  I have several unfinished items floating about and need to focus and get some done.
 I have a wee fairy in the works for a swap on the craftbritannia etsy team. Cant show you that yet. Have an exciting crochet project for a twitter friend so nearly done its silly that its not finished. I have a gorgeous pink ted cut out and waiting for me to stitch her together.  This is before you consider the normal items I usually have in the works for my little shop of goodies.
To top all that, I went and indulged a whim and purchase the Bee Keepers Quilt Pattern from Tiny Owls Magic Attic. This thing should really come with some kind of health warning! She says, do it between projects. Try that, its hard. No sooner have you tossed one into you chosen keeping receptacle, you will be casting on another, and another and the thing you are meant to be doing is left sitting there pondering its own purpose.  Is anyone else doing these?  Are you too addicted with the flippin things. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Teddy Bear Tuesday

I have to say, this is not an original idea, more one borrowed. It seems only fitting that the first teddy feature should be from whence it came. The Patchwork Ark. I have never been very fond of Tuesdays, so I am hoping that doing a little ted feature every week will help lift the Tuesdayness of it all.

Look at just some of my picks from her store

Mr. Buttons
Jing Mei


I also wanted to tell you about a giveaway at Bearbits. A gorgeous little fellow called Bouton. Click on the store name to take you to the giveaway on her loveley blog. I just love the banner picture. Wish I had thought of that.