Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rag Dolls on Ebay

I have held back from putting my collectibles on ebay as I really prefer the format and concept of etsy.  However, I need supplies for new projects, so needs must.  I have popped a couple of my special OOAK rag dolls into auction starting at just £25.  This would be a good bargain if you want to chance it.  I have also given the buy it now facility of only £40.  This is a stonking £15 saving on my normal price.  Given that many places will be using the `Christmas in July` phrase in a week or two, its never too early to start snapping up treats like this.  Obviously you are more than welcome to keep for yourself. 

Jessica is right here
Maisie can be found right here
As much as I adore them, they need to find new homes, so please do go pay them a wee visit if you can.  Incidentally, I would love to know what hair and dress combos you would like to see and if boy versions are something I should pursue.  I have made wonderful boys in the past as gifts but not sure whether folks would like them.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pull up a Chair and grab a Slice of Cake

I am so pleased to have been chosen as Lola`s blog of the week over at one of my fave blogs Mary Jane's Tearoom.  Huge thanks to Susan for that.  Regular readers of my blog will know that I have approved seller status from Susan to sell finished MJT designs and that a lot of mine that are different actually are derivatives of her patterns.  So if you don't knit or don't have time, why not drop me a line and I will be happy to help you. I have a shop on etsy where you can find toys, both knitted and sewn, quilts and even a teacosy.

Those that don't know me.  Welcome to my little blog.  A little about me.  I am Joy.  I am a Mum to 2 wonderful children 21 and 14. I cook for a living, but still love to bake and have to stick to a gluten free diet  which is often fun. This goes quite nicely with a passion for vintage china. Bit of a charity shopper if you know what I mean, and ebay does get more visits that it really should.

 I am a self confessed craftaholic.  I have always made something ever since I can remember.  I love to knit as you can probably tell.  I learned to quilt a few years ago and love to make rag dolls and  have a deep rooted love of sewing  - I blame my mother, she was a professional seamstress all her working life, so I guess its in the blood.  I like to dabble in cardmaking from time to time.

  Have a huge love of gardening if not a huge garden!  Really love tropicals such as palms, gingers and of course bananas.  Last but definitely not least.  I am a bit potty about cats.  I used to have 3 boys, 1 we lost a few years on now and the other 2 fellas Turbo , we did not name him and really always called him Tubby, and Mr. Pip both sadly had to go the cattery in the sky last year.  We will always remember them fondly as they really were a huge part of our lives.
Just 5 weeks ago we took into our home a new little rascal going by the name of Mango.  She has been re-homed from her old home as she did not jog along with her own Mum very well.  She is 10 months now and both an angel and a devil at times, but it feels like we have had her forever, and we love her to bits already. Even when she is play biting our feet!
So folks, new and old, take a slice of yummy cake and have a bit of a read if you have time.  xx

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Meet Roxy!!

Well the good news is that knitting is not completely off limits with  a young cat in the house. She is really quite good as long as I pick my knitting times carefully. ie, not when she is wide eyed and racing around the house at breakneck speed.  These moments are ideal.

Well, Miss Roxy was all knitted up before little Mango came to live with us, but I dared not try to finish her.  Plus, I felt Mango deserved my attention to help her settle.

So, Roxy can be found in the shop.  Go check her out.  I think she is a cutie patootie.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day

To my Dad, my husband and all fathers everywhere.  My gift for the person you cannot but gifts for!  They are impossible aren`t they?  One jar of homemade rhubarb and vanilla jam and these goodies!  Red Velvet with vanilla buttercream, topped off with fresh strawberries.  Glad he shared them out!

Told you I would find a use for that cake stand I did not need

Friday, 3 June 2011

How About Layaway???

So I was having a think about making it easier for folks to have the items they want.  I appreciate some of my items are not pocket money purchases, and for me the offer of paying bit by bit will help me make the choice to get that lovely thing I just must have, rather than going without and finding it gone 2 pay days later.  Quite a lot of  items on etsy are one offs, so they are never going to come back in stock.  My things are no exception.  I like to keep it unique, all part of the charm I believe. 

 So I though I would offer the option of `layaway`.  The way to do this is, convo me from the shop listing saying you would like to do layaway and I can reserve the said item in your name for the cost of 1st payment plus shipping.  Then a further 1 or 2 listing payments to equal the total value of the item will be set up and once they and the shipping is all square, I will send out the cutey of your choice.  This ensures someone else does not get your favourite and cost no extra.  It would all be agreed in the convo so you know exactly what you are doing.

So, does that sound like a good idea.  Never too early to be squirrelling away for the festive season you know.  Santa gets so busy, he will be elated you have made a start.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Thats apprently how the saying goes.  Well my third rag doll is a blondie.  This is Lucy, named by my long suffering husband.  I stupidly tried to get the listing done while cooking the tea as we daft women do thinking we are superhuman.  He comes in and I say `quick, pick a name for her, I dont have a name and hate all the ones I come up with`.  I truly believed a dont be daft, ***** off was heading my way, but he fairly quickly said `Lucy`. So there you have it.  She is the first long haired one and I am not sure which I prefer.  The next one planned is definitely going to be a redhead but whether she has short or long hair I dont know. 

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Did you guess Right?

I hinted at something special happening in the household in my last post, which i hasten to add was far too long ago.  Well there has been absolutely no knitting!  In fact I had to hastily sort out a plastic lidded box to put my knitting wares in.  This is something I have been meaning to do for ages.  It only held fabric which can go anywhere. I have managed a little sewing and a third rag doll is on her way once I sort her hair out. It is being as recalcitrant, (I so love that word) as my own hair can be.

Right!  On to the reason I have been quiet..........

This little lovely is called Mango.  She is 8 months old and we have re-homed her from a lovely lady who`s cat is her Mum.  Sadly Mango and her Mum do not really get on, so she has come to live here with us.  She is mostly very good, all toilet where it should be and happy to let me sleep all night barring night one.  Obviously, still being a kitten she has her very mad moments but on the whole after a week is settling in just perfectly.
  It has been 13 months since my beloved Mr. Pip had to be put to sleep, and around 8 months since we lost little Tubby to suspected brain tumour.  These little fellas, along with their brother Felix (cant find a pic of hime but will update when i do) who has been gone a while, left a huge hole in our lives and I am sure little Mango is going to go a very long way to, not replace them, but certainly fill the holes.  BTW she came with her name and I was going to change it, but I think it has finally rolled off my tongue enough to stick.