Thursday, 30 July 2009

Bit of a whinge and some clarification.

I was not sure whether to make this post but I wish to make my point.
My latest bunny pattern was purchased from Susan Hickmot at Mary Janes Tearoom on etsy. For Rachel I followed the pattern with different colours. I have never made any claims that it was my design.
Robbie is the same pattern but I changed the trousers and the intarsia is one I drew up myself. Also the shoes are different.

If you would like to adopt him for your self or a loved one, please contact me privately as I am not allowed to sell them on the internet, just locally. I do respect Susan on this and simply misunderstood her wishes. x

This statement is made because of some accusatory remarks, not by Susan from MJTR, but others.) It seems sad that I have to do this as I know some of my bag designs have been blatantly copied. Susan and I are on very good terms and she knows that I would never take this away from a very talented designer. Putting your own stamp on a good idea is what crafting and indeed designing is all about isn`t it.

I realise that this will probably provoke more remarks, but when I see other crafters passing blatant copies of others work deliberately as their own, I wanted you all to know that I am not that sort of person and would rather not make them than have that kind of reputation.

Whinge over, normal service resumed.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Rebecca Has a Brother

Well I am on fire at the moment. Or could it be obsessed. I think it may be the latter, but either way I am very pleased to introduce you to Robbie. He is the second of the new sort and I am not sure if I can go back to the others now.

Friday, 24 July 2009

New Rabbit, so excited.

Do you remember the pile of yarn I showed last week? Well Rebecca is off the needles, stitched and filled ( I do hate the term `stuffed`)and fully clothed. I just love her. What do you think. I am unable to sell them on the internet, just locally. Please contact me if you would like to adopt her. Fellow knitters can purchase the pattern by clicking the blog title.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Holidays are Here (summer I think)

Well its actually here. The end of another school year, and I as much as many children am ecstatic. No work for 7 whole weeks, yippee.

Before I show off my latest works in progress I wanted to share something that made me realise the lack of transport or a shop was a small price to pay for living in the country ( well for today anyhow)
These little guys were making a racket encouraging each other across the road to my front garden. I am easily pleased. So are they, its peeing down again.

There has been absolutely no bag making at all lately. Its bunny production all the way. I have a new pattern and have so many colour combos going on its unreal. Here are the first 2 in bits. Watch this space for the finished articles.

Next in the queue are these

We shall not even go near the winter colours I have just ordered for the Christmas collection. Although I did find this in my stash.