Saturday, 27 February 2010

Whoo-hoo I won

No, not the lotto.
I won a twitter competition to win 4 ball artesano 4ply alpaca from Brownberry Yarns.

It came really quickly so I am guessing this is the same fab service we can expect if we buy stuff from this delightful yarn store. Why not pop along and have a peek yourself.

Now anybody got any good pattern suggestions for 4 skeins of 4 ply? Its a bit too nice for bunny clothes, but maybe the leftovers hey?

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Dolly Donations

This weekend I spent my time making these little dollies to go off to Haiti for orphaned kiddies. You can get more details of the dolly drive and a free pattern and tutorial here at Dolly Donations. Such a nice way for us crafters to help. I really hope some of my readers might get inspiration from this and make one for this very worthwhile cause.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Finally finished this bunny for my etsy shop. She is called Rowie. Kitted out in a supersoft lilac dress and stripy knickerbockers to hide her modesty.

She is based on the Mary Janes Tearoom designs and has elements from several. Please dont worry though. I am delighted and extremley proud to tell you I have been granted `approved seller` status by .Susan, MJT designer and owner. As you may know, I like to keep my creations unique so it is doubtful I will ever make the exact pattern but it does give me the freedom to sell what I truly love creating. Thanks Susan, big hugs,x

Oh my goodness. She sold in just a few hours. I need to knit quicker.

Giddy up, theres been some giftin` going on

My little nephew was 4 this week and I decided that there may be enough mass produced plastic stuff in his life. Inspired by the book in my last post, I whipped up this little guy. (the one in the book was a reindeer so some changes were made in the antler for a mane department). I also opted for sewing the muzzle and eyes rather than painting them as suggested.

I thought some food for his new friend may also be a nice additon so transformed some felt in to apples and carrots and whipped up a mini sack from some burlap I had in my stash for a Christmas project I never got around to. Maybe this year. There is loads left so I will be fine.

Should have moved the remote really but only just realised and its all at his house now.

This is the patttern I used in Tildas  Christmas book.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Look what the cold weather made me do

I bought a fat quarter set of Katie Jump Rope from Twiddletails a while ago just because I liked it and really not knowing what I was going to do with it. I spent ages looking at quilt options and just could not find anything I fancied. Then I got this fabulous book just after Christmas but who cares cos its the most lovely book ever and full of things you could easily make any time of the year.

In said book was a simple patchwork blanket backed with fleece and held with tiny buttons instead of quilting. Now I have never been one for the quilting, I just like the piecing; so that made it just what I needed.
Here is my take on it and just right size to keep me warm whilst its still so chilly in the evenings. Keeps you warm while you are sewing the 70 buttons on too. Keep warm and craft. Perfect project if you ask me.
I have another one cut out already because I enjoyed it so much.