Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Custom Cards

I was recently commissioned to create two cards. The first is a diamond wedding anniversary card. I was a bit stumped at first, I had never made one of these before. It is quite an achievement to make 60 years of marriage. If you can both stay alive that long you still have to put up with each other that long too. I wonder how many modern marriages will last that long? Cynical? well maybe. I started with some beautiful glittery vellum and took apart a piece of costume jewellery for the `diamonds`. Oh my poor nails.

The second is a wedding card for the lady's` daughter. More vellum. It is so hard not to buy all the vellum in the shop. So lovely. I hit upon the ring pillow idea and could not wait to put it into practice. I am always looking for ways to attach vellum and as my sewing machine is always around I thought, why not try it. I think it works so well. The inside picture has not photographed very well and they have both been given to the customer now.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

New Merchandising Material

I managed to run out of hang tags and sew in labels at the same time, which could have proven very costly. So off I went in search of a new supplier. I came upon

She has a pack which includes 24 each of sew in in a choice of fabrics and hang tags complete with matching string. I provided my own graphics but for a small fee she will create for you also.

They arrived today and I am thrilled. Now I am off to make some bags for them to grace with their presence. Thanks Preethu, you did a great job.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

First Purse of The Year & Happy Bithday Blog

Finally, January is nearly over and I have finally made the first bag of the year. I have called it `Spring Fling` because the fabric is so fresh and happy. Which lets be honest we will all be when spring gets here. Cant wait!

I have incorporated a cute little contrasting pleat on both sides and a piped trim. I think I have some fabric in mind for some more of this style.

So here it is and can be found in the etsy shop for now. I can list in folksy if anyone requests it.

I also realised I missed my blogs birthday(not surprising as I am always forgetting birthdays). I cannot believe I have been blogging for over a year now. Where did that time go? Its been fun though even though 2008 was a turbulent year for me it is nice to look back and remeber things and put dates to them even if they are not mentioned in blogland I identify certain things that are with them. I have never been able to keep a diary. Perhaps it is just too personal but this is much more fun. I look forward to another interesting trip back in time next January. Thanks to all that pop in for a read, its good to know you are out there.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Pink Goodies at Katys Bloggeroo

Whilst bloghopping I found this fantastic contest for lovely valentine papercraft goodies. Pop along and have a look

With Valentines in mind I have reduced this Love is purse so you can still have treats in the credit crunch. Why not `accidently` send the link to your loved one.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Exercise and Car Cleaning -Steady On!

I really should change the name of this blog as I have not made a purse for weeks. Its something about this time of year that makes me want to snuggle into the sofa, and I can`t use the sewing machine there as it just bugs the tv watchers.

Things are starting to return to normal in Perfect Purse Land. The pilates machine is out and I am back into my exercise which should kickstart my mojo. Today I ate a salad which must mean spring is on the way. I have just received a lot of fabric ready for some yummy new purses.
NEWSFLASH I cleaned my car this afternoon! Now this may not sound unusual but anyone who knows me will tell you it absolutely absurd. I have not done this since forever. In fact I have had grass and mud stuck in the grill at the front due to a dodgy bit in my works car park since about October. So you see what I mean. There is definitely something going on.

I finished my super chunky one button cardi that I started before Christmas. Here it is. So snuggly

Also started a cute little fluffy sweater with this gorgeous Moda Dea Dream yarn that I got from this etsy shop:_ http:/

Its most definitely just a WIP at the mo but knitting up quite quickly and so so soft its a joy to knit with.


Next time there really should be a purse, but no promises here.

Monday, 5 January 2009

A Spot of Papercrafting.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had subscribed to `Crafts Beautiful` magazine. Mostly because they offered me a trial of 3 issues for a pound with a Papermania `Sweet Nothings` kit as a freebie. I have to keep the subscription for a year to keep the freebie, but I don't mind because I have promised myself a subscription this year and have always loved CB.

So yesterday on my last day of my holiday, I set to work rediscovering my cardmaking.
Also made friends with the hoover. Check out that mess! It was far too cold to go out into my little studio.

Here`s what I came up with whilst listening to my 11yr old and his mates play rock band on the x-box. Very noisy and not to say amusing at times. :D
I am particularly pleased with the acetate ones as I probably would not have tried this if it had not come in the kit.
A bit picture intensive I am afraid and my photography is not the best.

Happy New Year

Morning folks. Its the last day of my `holiday`. Back to the day job tomorrow. So this is my opportunity to wish all more my blog readers a very
Happy New Year.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a bit peeved as I went down with a rotten cold (some may have called it flu it was so awful) on the 23rd and ended up with a chest infection that still has me coughing at times. This is the first year I have not cooked the Christmas lunch.. This was well managed by hubby and daughter - thanks guys.

I have had lots of time to be reading more blogs and noticed that Kath has another wonderful giveaway for us to take part in, pop along and have a go at

She has lots of clever ideas for cards and scrapbooking and is a fab little read. I used to make a lot of cards in the past and have decided to take that one up again this year and have invested in a subscription to Crafts Beautiful.

Its a wonder I have time to go to work , I have been knitting , almost finished, and when its sewn up I shall post a pic. Its a chunky cardi, just right for the snowy weather I have woken up to this morning. My daughter has persuaded me to participate in a craft fair in Cambridge this April ,more details to follow, so I shall be working on some more bags for that. Then there is the garden to consider, but not yet thanks goodness. Although I did make use of an offer of 3 free raspberry canes from Gardeners World magazine.

I love raspberries so it will be nice to grow my own, if only a few. Thinking about giving spuds a try also in those clever bags. No funds at the mo but you never know.

Haha it will be piggies and chickens next.