Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Shop of The Week

Right, after last weeks debarcle of blogging nonestarters I am catching up.

This weeks actual Craftbritania Shop of The Week is Spinning Streak.  A very dangerous shop for me as you can imagine. Aside from the hand knitted goodies I know you will love. Thes is gorgeous handspun, handpainted yummy scrummy yarns!!!!

The shop is here and an interview with the lovely lady herself is here

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Shop Of The Week (from last week) incorporating Teddy Bear Tuesday

I have had a blippy few weeks and seem to be a bit haphazard in many aspects of my life, so do forgive my tardiness.  I completely missed out last weeks craftbrittania shop of the week, so before I do this weeks I am going to put that right.

This week is the delightful Katie from My Small World.  This shop is brill!!!!!!  Like myself, Katie makes BEARS!!!! She also makes delightful brooches, badges and many other things too.  As you may guess my faves are the furry kind but I would urge you to go look at her shop.  The usual interview is available on the Craftbritannia Blog

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I Think It Might Be Summer Today

I hope its not only today!  I was determined to get a post in that wasn't shop of the week this week. I will of course do that tomorrow. I am really enjoying the coverage of The Chelsea Flower Show on TV. Obviously I would love to go one day, but for now I can be content with watching at home.  The sun actually remembered its purpose today and gave me a bit of long awaited renewed vigour. As well as potting on a few seedlings in my teeny tiny greenhouse, I picked some stuff from the garden and the verge outside and have put together an arrangement that I am proud of.  My artificial ones were nice but very wintery and I was a bit tired of looking at them. These are so evocative of spring and early summer and what's more, they didn't cost me a bean. To think I had to sit on my hands yesterday to stop me ordering a delicious silk display from QVC.  What do you think of my floral handiwork?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Shop of The Week, Axevictimus

Blimey!  Its Wednesday and I have only just got around to this weeks craftbritannia shop of the week.  This shop is owned by one of the men in our team. We don't have many but they are all good fun.  Tony makes jewellery from stunning wood and metal with a masculine feel, but still suitable for the lady to wear too.  You can visit his shop Axevictimus, right here, and there is the usual interview with Tony on The Craftbritannia Blog
Here are some picks from the shop

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Shop of The Week, Rachel Elliot Glassworks

This weeks lovely craftbritannia shop of the week is Rachel Elliot Glassworks.  This lady makes the most amazing items in, well yes, not to state the obvious, but glass.
This stuff is quite amazing.  from so unusual etched hares

Rosebud Glass Hare Scuplture

And foxes, you know how much I like my foxes

Urban Fox 

Then there are the lovely pendants

Blue Glass Flowers Pendant

And she doesn't forget my favourite kitties

Glass Kitty Brooch Pin
As always, there is an interview with The maker herself on the Craftbritannia Blog and you can visit her store on etsy Right here. Why not pop along to both and have a look and a read.


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Shop of The Week

Its me!!!!!!

Hahaha, how novel. The craftbritannia shop of the week is my own Cutey Critters.

I have an interview on the Craftbritannia Blog if you fancy a read.
In case you don't know, my shop is here

I see no reason at all not to show you some of my own shop favourites if you will indulge me.

My favourite knit
My current fave bear


My favourite rag doll