Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Do you Like Candles?

Who does't right?  I am really picky with mine. Obviously I am a great fan of Yankee and used to buy Partylite quite a lot. These need no introductions from me.

The shop I wanted to tell you all about is One Shop Pamper Shop. I came across Maryann on good old twitter and we chat often.  I tried a few of her lovely lovely candles when my previous seller decided to close.  She made me some fabulous square votives to fill my square votives I bought from PL and then they stopped making candles for (great, huh?) These were in beautiful Wedding Day scent and Pink Watermelon, which is very close to a certain brands honeydew. If you like that one, you will know what I mean.  But unlike other candles places, she made them in exactly the colour I wanted too.

Nothing seems to be too much trouble and Maryann is going to get a special fragrance in for me for a special gift.  I have had several orders now and am always delighted.  Here is my latest delivery plus one of those square votives, before I have broken into the lovely packaging for you to see.

Its not just candles. Check out the fabulous soap, bath bombs and gift sets while you are there. You will not be disapointed.  I have just noticed she also has an etsy shop but the full range is on her own shop site.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Shop of The Week, Onetenzeroseven

Phew, this week has been a whirl.  I haven't even blogged since the last shop of the week.

This week we have Sophie from Onetenzeroseven

I have some lovely earrings and bobby pins from this lady and they are soooo nice. I can actually wear these earrings for longer than 20 mins. Sometimes I have issues. In fact, most times I have issues and pull earrings out in an irritated huff.  I may have to buy some more in other colours I like them that much.

These are what I have and the matching bobby pins.

Here are some some more of my top picks.

You can visit her shop here, and there is an interview with the lady herself over on The Craftbritannia Blog.  Happy shopping folks

Monday, 19 March 2012

Shop of The Week, Twink Knits

This weeks lovely shop is Twink Knits.  As the name suggests, it is owned and run by a fellow knitting addict. Not animals, this time but delicious knitted cakes and and useful things such as mug cosies, teacosies and ear warmers to name but a few.  There is a lovely interview with her, over on the CraftBritannia Blog  If you knit yourself, you may be interested in one of her patterns instead.

I have chosen a few of my faves as I usually do, but do have a look in her whole shop as there is so much more.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Yummy Sunday

Short and sweet post today. Sorry if you are on a diet.

This weekend we saw both Mothers Day and a family birthday. So obviously food of the sweet variety was required. We saw off a burger and chip feast before these. Good old strawberry trifle and a butterscotch and fudge sponge cake. So full now I cannot possible eat again for oh at least an hour.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Shop of the Week, Susan Sharpe Ceramics

This weeks shop of the week is from Susan Sharpe Ceramics. I have a new found admiration of all things pottery. This shop is no exception. Susan makes stick pins, brooches, earrings, hangings and even ceramic gift tags. How unusual?  My personal favourites are her buttons. The poppy and blue flower ones are going on my wish list. Please go visit Susan and see her lovely wares in full. Do tell her I sent you. It wont get you anything but she will love me forever (I hope)

Monday, 12 March 2012

First Kitty Cat Critter

I know, I know, you may think `but, Joy, haven't you said that before?` and the answer would be yes. However, Tabitha is still my first feline Cutey Critter. She had different clothes before (see last picture), but a very nice customer asked if she could buy them as an alternative wardrobe for a bunny she was purchasing. You know me, always eager to please, so Tabitha has been nakey for a month or so.  Here she is sporting new clothes and ready for adoption in the shop.  She is modelled, if a bit loosely, on our own sweet kitty Mango

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Latest Cutey Critters

These 2 lovelies are called Reneé and Rupert.  They are a custom request for a very special customer and are making their journey as we speak. I hope they are giving each other a nice cuddle to keep each other warm and happy.

Don`t forget, Cutey Critters are not restricted to those made and ready to go. In actual fact, many don't last very long in the shop these days. Happy for me but I have to knit fast to keep t stocked up. I have this little guy ready to travel, feeling a bit sad and needing to find a new family as he has been left behind. Click on the picture to take you to his listing. Also, there are custom listings in my etsy shop so you can select just the right one for you.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Shop of The Week, Shalotte Artisan Originals

You may remember last week I told you about the craftbritannia shop of the week project. Read more about it here.  This week it is the turn of Naomi of Shallote Artisan Originals.

This is a relatively new shop for me, but she has a wonderful array of handmade jewellery and Couture knitwear. I have now popped her into my favourites too.  Here are just some of her lovely items.  I love the ethereal foresty feel of her photos. You can visit her shop right here on etsy.