Tuesday, 21 December 2010

More Pink in the Dining Room

As threatened promised, here is a flavour of the dining room decorations.  I made this little lady at the weekend from a Tilda pattern. I am a huge huge fan of Tilda.

Where on the earth did those embarrassing cobwebs come from. I did not see those until I viewed the photos. Guess I need to find the old feather duster.

We have a pink and pale green flavour in here. The dining room was not meant to be pink but it just happened with my unforeseen vintage cup collection coming into play. Think you have to agree they look lovely with the sideboard. Spot the new one. Its not really vintage but it fits in so who cares, if you like it, have it I say. Within reason of course, I am always tight frugal with these things.

These pink fabric hearts and table runner were made several years ago but I never throw much out, often comes in handy.

Think I am allowed a glass of Baileys now whilst I wrap the last of the pressies.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas has arrived at Perfect Little World, at last

I put up the lounge tree a couple of weeks ago and took photos, but never seemed to have time to upload them or write this post. Its kinda dark but gives a flavour.

The mantlepiece had some attention too. I had a hideous garland in the garage with horrible shiny burgundy fruit. I pulled off the fruit and some other garish embellishments I did not like then added the nice apples( think there is another in the loft for that gap when I put the boxes back) and some cinnamon sticks and a couple of mini flower pots. I do like a bit of thrifty crafting. The festive duck was purchased last year and is destined to become a favourite.
Our tree skirt we always use is very similar to the advent calender from the last post in style and took me absolutely hours to sew and stitch sequins onto but I declared it to be too bright and `just not right` for this years ensemble so it was replaced with this one which only took me a touch over an hour. I think they might just have to be recreated for the shop next year. Wish I had thought of it earlier, doh!  I will always keep the old one as it has very happy memories. Who knows, I may go bright again one day.

These tealight houses are somewhat heirlooms, I have had them years. It just wouldn`t be Christmas without them on the kitchen windowsill. Sorry about the marigolds! OOPs

Even the loo did not escape, meet frosty and friend.

 Off to take pictures now of the dining room tree for the next post to bore you with. It will be nice for me to look back on when I am old so you will just have to put up with it.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What have I Been Up To Lately

Well, not blogging thats very evident
No folksy friday ! No posts either!

Its December you see and I dont know what happens but its the same every single year. November and every one starts on about the festive season and I am thinking `but its ages yet`. Then 1st December arrives and I run around like a headless chicken avoiding coughs colds and tummy bugs like some kind of superhero deflects bullets, whilst with dogged determination try to make stuff for my shop, complete custom orders, do the food preparations and the present shopping, whilst holding down a job. Yes its possible I may collapse in a heap when it gets here. The tree is still in the loft which is very rare for me but i hope to venture up there at the weekend. But ,hey ho, its all part of the fun right?

So, some of what I have been up to in picture form. The advent calender is not new but its up and as I made it once upon a time it deserves a place on the blog.  Its a bit of a family tradition now but I shudder at how old it actually is. Still looks good even now.

The other part of my last custom order

A little fox for a custom request

Draught excluder for an UK etsy team buddy

There is more but this is just a snapshot