Sunday, 30 January 2011

My China Collection has Grown

This is a little tardy on my part but it took me awhile to sort my sideboard out.  My lovely but very very naughty daughter got me a beautiful vintage teaset for my Christmas present. It seems to be victorian and like most teasets minus a teapot. However there is loads of it. There are several spare saucers and teaplates in addition to what is here and I am smitten. I was when I saw it in the local indoor fleamarket and the naughty thing when back and got it for me.  I have re-organised the sideboard to display it, but think I  really should seek out a glass   fronted cabinet to keep it safe and sound not to mention cut down the need for dusting.

I also decided that as I had all the other bits in this pretty existing set in my collection, I could not leave the creamer sat in the ebay shop I got the rest from so I got my order in. Isn't it cute? Can  china be cute? Well I think so.

When one aquires stuff, one has to be inventive with the rough guides that no-one ever reads in order to keep the cakestand. I had to put a couple of random trios in the sideboard as it was.


Monday, 24 January 2011

New Bag and new fave supplier

Its been so cold in my sewing room I have to say that the knitting has taken preference over the winter.  I dont know what it is about that side of the house, but for a 4 year old house it is like a different climate in the dining room and the sewing room above it. I really dont know how my daughter slept in there in the winter.
However,  having discovered this lovely lady in the teambritannia forum I have fallen in love with sewing again, if not my ageing and very annoying sewing machine. Now, even the cold will not stop me. These handmade buttons are just fantastic and have inspired some new bags.

The first is here, and has a lovely summery feel.  The best thing of all is its reversible, so actually 2 bags in one.  I already have a few more combos planned so leave some buttons for me please.

On a final note, the pattern was from Lisa Lams` Bagmaking Bible which I treated myself to just before Christmas.   Great book with lots of clear instructions and such inspiring pictures.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Here is Little Fliss

Last week I showed you Felipe my little fox. He has now been joined by Fliss, his little female companion in my etsy shop.  How cute do they look together?

They are just £15 each plus £3 shipping (second one ships free if you get them together)  If you buy you kiddies valentines gifts (I know folk who do) they would be just perfect.

Fliss can be found here
Felipe is right here

Sunday, 9 January 2011

First CuteyCritter of 2011 and Christmas update

Its been a topsy turvy week here in Perfect Little World. In fact what with coughs colds and various challenges to deal with its not been such a perfect world. However, I have completed a new little guy for the CuteyCritters etsy shop. I have named him Felipe. He has more than a nod to valentines but i am not overly fond of the in your face valentines things. I have nearly completed his matching female companion but sadly have run out of the Rowan Handknit cotton I am using for the bodies . She will be named Fliss and will be done very soon too. They are a more muted colour than my previous foxes which gives them a bit of a vintagey look. Felipe is here. Do let me know what you think.

I also wanted to show you this elephant I made for my sister in law for Christmas. Not sure what she has named her at this point but she turned out just lovely.  The photo does not really do her justice. It was just so dark before Christmas and I need a new camera as this is verging on antique!

 Lastly, here are some festive cupcakes. The first in the box were for my good friend and neighbour. I hope her boys left her some.  The batch on the cake stand are very much the same and were for a pre-christmas family gathering.  I am looking forward to doing some more baking soon, now the Christmas cake has been scoffed.  I forgot to photograph that but it was quite basic, although most tasty, laced with good old Jack Daniels.  The boys have asked if I can make one every month but I did decline.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy 4th January!!!!!!

Well its different isnt it?  I really think 4 days into 2011 is too late to bandying New Year Greeting about.  Hope you all had a fab Christmas.  Mine was quiet to say the least and I got a horrid cold the day after boxing day.   Its pretty much gone now and I back off to the day job tomorrow so normal service should be resumed.

Upon finishing the custom orders for Christmas I put down the knitting needles and decided to finally finish a quilt I started around April time!  It had been pieced for months but I knew my dodgy machine was not up to the top quilting so put it off as I have never hand quilted before. I thought it was going to be tedious and drive me mad, but actually, I am finding it very relaxing...and warm on my lap hehe.  Two blocks and the binding to go and I can share it with you.

I have spent this morning updating the Perfect Little Purse Company , re listing some items, and adding a few new things which ironically are not all purses.