Monday, 24 May 2010

New Shop Nearly Ready!!!!

I have been working away these past few weeks to get some of these finished for my new shop just for the toys. The brown ones are for a custom request and going out tomorrow. I wanted to show them as they have the personalisation on the saddle that I am offering on all my horses.
The `Strawberry Sundae` and Buttermilk will be the first to go in. I have pistachio, lavender and a brown and orange ones almost done too. I hope to get these done this week and have a couple of my bunnies to sew up and then the shop will be good to go.

I think a grand opening giveaway will be in order so watch this space. It will be a blog follower thing so if you don't follow now, why not pop yourself on the list and spread the word as the prize will be better the more entrants there are.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Felt Giveaway

Its Annies giveaway time again. Lots to give away. I am using these felts for my horses as we speak so I highly recommend both the product and the seller. Click here to go to the page.
Next time. What I make with these felts.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Pandas anyone?

I have been somewhat remiss with the old blog recently, but I have been working hard, I promise. I finished this panda a wee while ago and forgot to show you all. She is made purely in Louisa Harding Nautical Cotton and although I made her some clothes, they really did nothing to enhance her whatsoever.She looks so much better this way with a cute bow. So I have kept the clothes for a discerningly modest bunny.

I have also been working on some stuff for a custom order which I had to just send but never mind. I managed to take a quick snap of just some of it. Clip on pouches to hold the doggie poop bags. I don't have a dog but I felt sure these would be useful and so did my customer and placed me a nice order.

I am keeping Patsy for my new etsy shop `Cutey Critters` which I will be opening properly soon. I have finished 2 felt horses and almost finished a new bunny for the shop, then I have enough to be starting with. Its all go here, I tell you.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Update on Sad Day for us

Just over a week has passed since we said goodbye to dear Mr. Pip. Since then I have planted a lovely flowering cherry tree where he rests and some alchemilla mollis and pink chrysanthemums in a back breaking round bed in the front garden. The tree will flower at around the right time every year and I think I will order a little plaque. We have, part tongue in cheek, and part seriously, named it Pips memorial garden.
The other thing I have done is booked a tattoo in Pips image. I have one tattoo already and have wanted another ever since the last was done. What better thing than my faithful friend. I cant wait, but as my preferred artist is very busy, it will not be until August.
I am a true believer of doing something positive in adversity, it helps with the healing.
I also want to thank you all both here and on twitter for all your kind messages.
My daughter has lots more photos of the little guy on her blog if you are interested.
Meanwhile, my remaining cat Tubby is getting away with murder and getting loads of fuss.