Saturday, 27 March 2010

This is What I have been getting Excited About

I have been working on a custom order this week for 2 personalised felt horses for the cutest little boys. This has been such a nice project and I have been totally inspired. My customer saw the hobby horse I made for my nephew a while ago but thought something smaller for her wee ones would be more appropriate.
So, always up for a challenge. I scaled down the head shape I used for the hobby horse and added body and legs. Then we were off with personalised saddles and matching patches. Thanks to the wonderful felt selection at The Felt Fairy, I have an amazing 70 colours at my disposal and have lots of colour combos to turn out for the shop. These can be personalised too so look out for them and let me know if you have a colour scheme in mind.

Monday, 22 March 2010

What Can You Make from 2 dresses & a Silk Top?

Well the answer is.........bags!
I recently had a custom request for bags made from a customers dresses she did not want to wear any more but wanted to keep in some way.
We started with a jersey Karen Millen dress, that's the floral fabric with the purple butterfly. A ruched taffeta prom type dress. I had a hard time cutting that up because it was just gorgeous. Also a Ted Baker silk top with exquisite buttons.

The first bag was a weekender type bag which used the dresses for the main body, the decorative ring from the back of the prom dress and the buttons from Teds top. I used the silk from that top for the straps and lined it with a black poly cotton as I did not want to detract from the other fabrics.

The other bag was borne from the shape of the skirt on the prom dress. It was shaped with lovely tapering panels. I had some plum taffeta in my stash with complemented the purple butterfly on the weekender and to tie it all together I popped a removable corsage on with a button covered in the Karen Millen dress fabric.

I am so pleased with how they came out so like my sketches. My customer is delighted and now I am wondering how to transfer this as a service/item in my shop as its a delightful way to re-use favourite clothing and recycle.

Friday, 19 March 2010

The Felt Fairy

Whilst shopping for supplies for an exciting custom order (cant wait to share), I found this fabulous felt shop on MISI.
She has shops on ebay and etsy too.
No less than 70 colours. To say I was like kid in sweetshop is an understatement. I have placed my order and I cannot wait for it to arrive so can get going on my new thing which I am going to make more of for the shop.
In additon to all this lusciousness there is a monthly giveaway on her blog too. The link should take you there. But, please let me win first, tee-hee

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Please say Hi to Rosie

I finished my latest bunny very late tonite and although its nearly midnight and her shoes need a press, I had to take some preliminary snaps.
If I decide to put her in the shop (I really am quite taken with her and may just have to keep her just for me), I shall take some daytime snaps.
She is made in lovely Sirdar Calico on the body, this is such a soft all cotton yarn I love to work with and her pretty pink dress is Sirdar Calypso, also soft cotton which is sadly discontinued now and I snapped up the last couple of skeins in my LYS. Her knickerbockers are a soft lemony baby yarn I had in the stash but is unbanded so cant tell you what it is but it worked totally for this and panic set in as I realised there may not be enough. There was exactly 1 and a half inches left when I cast off. Phew!
Do let me know what you think of Rosie. I love her but I am biased cos I am her Mum.