Sunday, 29 November 2009

Bloggy giveaway

I recently purchased this from a lovely lady called Karen, and her etsy shop is called Rachaels Garden. I cant wait to show it in situ.
Well Karen is running a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate giveaway on her blog. I addition to exisite birdhouses she also has personailised christmas ornaments.
The giveaway can be found at
good luck but hope I win tee hee

Karens shop is at

Saturday, 28 November 2009

I have just popped a couple of new bags in the MISI shop. They are both £15 and still come in under £20 with shipping. If you bought both they would be even less. Just think, 2 birds, one stone. Just use the link to your right to take you to the shop.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Phew, alchemy request finished

Firstly,Happy Thanksgiving to all my US bloggy buddies. Enjoy your holiday folks.

I recently had an alchemy request accepted. My client specifically wanted to have knitted up a particular pattern by my favourite bunny designer `Susan Hickson` from the Mary Janes Tearoom series. Imagine my delight when I spotted that request. She decided to have different colours, and here she is. As she is not mine to name I have called her Pink Daisy. The pics are a little dark as I have doing my midnight oil buring again. Thank goodness for Gale Hayman eyelift gel is all I can say. I must stop staying up so late.

Dont forget there are a few more all ready and rearing to go off to you. Just scroll down to the last post for details.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Rabbit Reminder

Lots of my girl animals are selling in my etsy shop but the boys are still available. I have pictured below all that have left with prices for purchasing straight from the blog as some I cannot put in etsy shop. If you are interested in any just leave a comment or e-mail me from my profile page. Its quite simple to send a paypal invoice. Shipping is for UK , just ask for a price for overseas, I only charge actual airmail cost plus a tiny bit for packaging.

REBECCA £20 +£2 p&p 35cm SOLD

ROLEY £20 +£2 p&p 35cm NOW SOLD

BILLY £10 +£2 p&p 20cm SOLD

BARNEY £10 +£2 p&p 20cm

BENGY £10 +£2 p&p 20cm

BABETTE £20 +£2 P&p 30cm

ROBBIE £20 =£2 p&p 35cm SOLD

RACHEL £20 +£2 p&p 35cm

Monday, 23 November 2009

Angel Giveaway

I stumbled on this cute little blog and they have a giveaway for the lovely pendant in th pic. Click here to take you there and good luck.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Too Cute not to share

I have been knitting away furiously and have nothing of mine to show yet, but, I just had to show you this picture of my nephew dressed up as Michael Jackson for children in need. I think my sister in law outdid herself dont you? I miss those days where my kids were young enough to do that stuff with.

Next time a custom bunny and a new ellie I hope.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Its a Factory Here

I recently had a custom order for 10 little bags for little girls. I have never done this conveyor belt type of production before and its a bit different to starting a bag and finishing it all in one session.
I think they are really cute. Now I just have to iron them( yes they are a little crinkly, but the daylight would not wait for me to iron) ship to my customer. Thank goodness the posties called off their strikes.

Now for some more knitting

Monday, 2 November 2009

Domestic Goddessness

Not sure if that's a word, but, well, it is now cos I just said it.
Yesterday was the last day of my half-term holiday (I work in a school so I break when the kids do). In addition to my fabulous pumpkin pie I made on Sunday, I made chutney and my Christmas cake yesterday. Could not put it in yesterdays post as I did not want to steal Elspeth`s thunder.

Also at the weekend I spent a very enjoyable day in town with my sister-in-law spending my birthday money and buying some Christmas presents.
How long did I take smelling the Yankee Candles in the new, very teeny shop with only Yankee in it? Ages, I can tell you. I had decided that I was only buying one jar and it took a long while to decide which one. I ended up with `Farmers Market` and could not resist a beautiful shade to go on the top. I think it looks great.

Goes so well with my other things but did wonder if its overkill and to move the pumpkin now halloween has past. Only to the kitchen, it looks cute in there.

Elspeth is Ready for her Close Up

Well she has taken a while to get right but her is `Elspeth` my very first elephant. I am so pleased with her I am really not sure whether she can go in the shop because I dont want to part with her. Her dress is made from Debbie Bliss Baby cashmerino. A whole ball I`ll have you know. Our Elspeth has expensive taste in clothing.

Now what next? Another ellie or a panda? Oh the decisions.