Sunday, 17 January 2010

A Productive Sunday - at last

I have been fudging about since Christmas not really knowing what to do with myself and spending far more time at the laptop than the craft room. Think its the weather to be honest. Today the sun shone and my creative muse kicked in.

Hubby got an i-pod for his present this year but silly old Santa neglected to get him a cover for it and `its started to get scratchy` too quote the old man. Inspired by Cathe Holdens` tutorial at Just Something I Made I set about making him a personalised leather case. Not only have I renewed my neglected love affair with my sewing machine(somewhat thrown aside for the cosier knitting needles of late), but discovered that leather is just lovely to work with. I have always been wary before.

Spurred on by the sunshine and the horrendous rip off price of £2.85 for 5 of the tiniest slices of gluten free tiffin (I am gluten intolerant if I have not mentioned it before), and not to be outdone by my daughters baking extravaganza`s; I whipped up a batch of yummy Tiffin to be proud of and the best gluten free loaf for ages. The mix I am using just refused to rise and I was about to change to a new one. Guess it must be the fancy new mixer my parents got me before Christmas. Lovely present, thanks folks, xxx

Xmas catch up

I made my sister in law an apron for christmas to go with the cupcake kit I got her. She is getting really into the whole baking thing. Obviously I could not blog about this creation before because she would see it. Also found it really hard to get a pic because I am in a house full of blokes who found the whole idea strange and humerous so the very thought of asking for photography let alone modelling (hahaha) was just not an option. Thankfully she has kindly sent me a pic of said apron to use so here it is.

Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year New Obsession

Well its a new year. Another Christmas has crept up on us and passed before you know it. The tree is packed away for another 11 months or so.
I had made so many bunnies, teddies and elephants in the last few months I fancied a change. I have always shied away from these as I am somewhat apprehensive of dpns and the curse of the circular needle. Nonetheless I had this urge to make `socks`!

So when my Mum gave me a leftover skein of Sirdar Crofter I was reminded of a sock pattern in Lets Knit that used this very yarn and, I was sure, used 2 normal pins. Yes after some searching and then finding it was actually in Crafts Beautiful I found said pattern and voila, here they are. I am already looking for more. I loved doing these and can quite see how some get quite addicted to knitting socks. Who knows, I may try the dpns next time.