Sunday, 21 November 2010

Teacosies!!! and a Special gift

This weekend I gave my wrists a little rest from knitting and made these teacosies. They have a festive feel but not so in your face Christmas that you could not keep them out beyond the new year.  I have spread them out a bit. 2 are in the etsy shop and one in the Folksy shop but I think I have enough fabric for one more so that will go on folksy too.  Click on the pictures to take you to individual listings.

gingerbread man


Also, I wanted to share this pretty christmas cookie decoration made for me by my friends daughter. She is in primary school so this is an impressive piece of work. I was so touched to have this made especially for me. Thankyou H, you know who you are.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Folksy friday, Gingerbread Folk

When I listed  my christmas stockings in my folksy shop last week, I got to thinking about how much I liked those spicy little fellows, so went on a gingerbread hunt for this weeks selection.  Hope you enjoy and it doesnt make you too hungry.

Lil Gingerbread sacks from Dollydo

Personalised Gingerbread from CraftyGingerbreads

Custom Gingerbread Garland by Sew Sweet

Cute Stocking by Edie Sloane

Rubber Stamp by Skull and Cross Buns (cool name)

Pinkerbread Brooch by Helen Janes Designs

 If its not too presumptious to include ones own work I have a pair of the inspiration for this post.
Stockings by Perfect Little Purse Company

Monday, 15 November 2010

Theres a hint of Christmas in the Air- and my Folksy Shop

Christmas does seem to have snuck up on me a touch this year. Thankfully, I had some items set away to list. Have listed some stockings complete with jingle bells and lovely ribbons, and Christmas Card packs on Folksy  this weekend. I can put them in the etsy shop if anyone really wants me too but its easier to keep things simple at this busy time of the year.

 Once I get time. I am planning some festive versions of my Teacosies. I have all the supplies and all the ideas, just need to magic up some time. let me know if you fancy one of these. I am going to sell for £8.00 on Folksy but would like to offer my blog readers a special price of £6 + £1.50 postage if you order direct.  Now, I am off to do some actual crafting, instead of talking about it. x

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Some New Animals

You will not see these in either the Folksy or Etsy shops as they are custom orders I have been working on.  I wanted to post them nonetheless, just to brag really.  Also, it is useful for future customers to look here for pointers for their own Cutey Critters.

My first fox. What do you think?

Friday, 5 November 2010

Oh Dear, I have Been at it Again!

So despite the fact I said I would sit on my hands regarding crockery and the like and not go near ebay. I lied! I realised my 3 duos needed plates. Well they could not be upstaged by the trios at the other end of the sideboard. So I found a sweet deal on these white Colclough teaplates which pull together the pink one and its black companions. You will see that I have been baking again too. These came out nice despite being simple sponge and royal icing. I could not resist playing with decoration even if they are just for us to nibble.