Friday, 21 August 2009

Garden Hopping

I may have mentioned in the past my other passion is tropical gardening. Dont get me wrong, roses are absolutely gorgeous but have no place in my garden. Its big leaves and prickly stuff for me.
It all started when I saw a guy called Will Giles on gardeners world and I could not believe that he lived in my home town of all places. I did not at that time but that did not stop me and I was well on my way long before the visit. Some 10 years later and back in Norfolk, I visited for the second time a couple of week ago. My camera was too low on battery for live shots so I took some point and hope shots. They are not too bad. The last one is one of Will`s cats that decided to use me as a seat whilst I enjoyed a cup of tea in the sun.


Then last weekend, I visited the garden of Jon Kelf also in Norwich. Jons` garden is equally inspirational as it is on such a small scale. Not much larger than my own little patch. He has so much packed into such a small space and has done all the backbreaking work himself. Jon has just won the Daily Mails` best garden competition. So well done Jon, you thoroughly deserve it. Nice to see you again.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Rachel`s Done

And she is gorgeous. Like all these new babies, she is aroung 38cm (15inches) tall. Quite a bit larger than the previous ones. Please also note they have pom pom tails so not suitable for under 5`s unless they are going on a high shelf to gaze lovingly upon their new friend. They can have a supervised hug of course.

The normal rules apply, she can be sold locally but not in my internet shops. E-mail me in the contact details if you would like to adopt her. These bunnies just keep on coming but I am determined to keep them OOAK. You should see my yarn stash its so multi coloured now as you dont need much you can buy bin ends etc.
P.S. I need to kit out new craft space so make me an offer. With no shop fees, it may be more reasonable than you think.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Busy Week

Well it been an immensely busy week this week.
Sunday saw me going for a lovely meal with daughter brother in law and his wife. No hubby or son as they did not wish to partake of the next activity - visiting the garden of Will Giles. I will do a longer post about that next time I think.

Next on the agenda was moving my lovely daughter into her new flat. This comes with such mixed feelings. Sadness at my best friend not being close anymore but pride at how grounded and capable she turned out.
Also means there is a room going begging and my little studio is seeming rather small lately. I still have some furniture and stuff to find homes for, then the new craft room planning can begin.

A nice sunny day was spent at Africa Alive with mother-in-law and the chaps. No pics of that because I forgot the bloomin camera. But you know the thing animals, zulu dancers. ice cream and lots of wasps!

Lastly I did something I have not done for some time. Something I did not think I would do again but actually found immensley rewarding and not at all stressful like it used to be.
My friend at work was getting married on a bit of a budget but really wanted a wedding cake. So she got pre-covered ones from Tesco (quite bust up actually Tesco, shame on you) and I decorated them for her. Delivered this morning and I and she are delighted with the results. Maybe I will consider requests again if I can do it this way.

The light was quite poor on the day but its sunny today so I hope that her photographer can give us some better shots to replace these.