Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A Whole Week of Craft

Last week was half term which means a week off for me as well as the children.

I have had such a busy and fulfilling week.

Inspired by this bag which I get asked for so many times but cannot get the handles any more.

I have completed some bags for my upcoming craft fair in April. The handles are slightly smaller so the pattern had to be adjusted, but they are essentially the same bag. Here is the first, the others still need to have heir linings sewn in.

Also, I acquired this book a while ago and finally have had time to try it out. I would highly recommend it to any one who struggles to get the right fit, colour, size. You make the pattern yourself to fit you, not the high streets idea of what they think you should be.

This is my first attempt in Liberty `Peasblossom` Kingly Cord. A simple straight skirt with a zip at the back. I am halfway through a mohair top to go with it. Its not the greatest photography in the world. Its kinda difficult to take a photo of a skirt yourself if you are wearing it. Where are my family when I need them.

The top may take a while though as I have a new obsession - knitted rabbits! More next time.

Friday, 20 February 2009

New Scarves and New shoes

A while ago I added some Yarn Bee `Artistry` skeins to my collection unsure what was to happen to them but it was just so yummy.

A super fab and totally not needed pair of shoes inspired me to knit this scarf to go with them and justify their purchase. I have to justify to myself, my husband has not a clue which are new and which I have had for ages. I do not have to resort to the lying about newness that other women have to. He does not mind really anyway.

I enjoyed knitting it so much, I made another in the other colourway to go with the tan jacket I completely forgot I had. I have one more colourway but really do not need another scarf at the moment and hopefully spring is coming. Fingers crossed folks.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Handmade Help Donation

I am sure we all feel for the folks in Oz following the devastating bushfires. I have been reading on Handmade Help about the listings and auctions people are putting up for the appeal. This is such a fantastic way to raise money.

I have put my cute kitties bag up as a charity listing. I will donate the full pice paid for the bag and any leftovers on the actual postage cost (sometimes there are some and I always include a bit for packaging and petrol, but that will go to the red cross).

If you don`t fancy my item there are heaps more to choose from to help this very worthy cause.

My listing is here

and if you would like to look at Handmade Help at

Thanks in anticipation for your generosity