Saturday, 26 September 2009

Benjy is on the Front Page!

No he has not been fooling around with Katie Price - as if!
He is however on the front page of MISI. I listed Robbie too as Susan said it was ok because I have `done my own thing`.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

New new new

I decided to change my background today to reflect the change in seasons. Hope you like it. I also changed the name as although the Perfect Little Purse Company is my main crafting focus, I have realised that there is room for all my other things which fluctuate in intensity according to what needs to be done and how I feel about what I am doing at the time.

My handbags remain mostly in my etsy shop and the little knitted fellas can be found in MISI. I am happy to list either in either if you have happy warmer fuzzier thoughts about a particular site.

Some (and I usually say) are only available `locally` due to pattern requirements and I am happy to sell directly. Just contact me via this blog. This applies to a lot of the newer bunnies.

Also remember that if you are local, some of my products are stocked at `The Wishing Tree` in Long Stratton in Norfolk. Why not pop in and see Olivia.

Monday, 21 September 2009

New Knitty Buddies

I have to confess the sewing has gone a bit astray lately. I have been getting ahead with my Christmas cards and the knitting has become a tad obsessive. May I present Roly Rabbit all dressed up for a walk in the woods in his walking boots and scarf.

Next is Tess the Teddy. I have heavily adapted the Primrose pattern from Mary Janes Tearoom to give me a bear and designed her little pinafore dress. Its so comforting to start on the Christmas stuff.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Some Bag Production, Finally

Remember I told you about the custom order? Well here is the finished article. The pocket on the front is a hand embroidered piece done by the customer, just lovely neat work. She asked me to use it as a pocket on a black bag. I made it up in a lovely soft needle cord which I felt suited the regal feel of this piece. Its wonderfully soft and `poomfy` (I think you get what I mean by that, just don't now how else to describe it) as I have interlined it. Really hope she likes it.

I had a bit of time to spare before the evening meal so I knocked up this shoe bag for my little nephew who is starting part time school later this month. I can believe that. He is too small. Or am I just getting old !!!!!!!!!!!!

These were the first bags made in my new warm craft room inside the house. Here a few pics. They do not do it justice. It is huge. I have room to get my pilates machine out if I ever make myself again. Don't know why I haven't because I love it when I do but I just seem to have so much other stuff to do. Think I need a new school year resolution. Don't worry about the little railway carriage. It is going to be made into a summer house. More on that later.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My Garden

I have been crafting (a bit) but nothing is finished as we speak. One rabbit to be sewn up (not sew keen on the finishing I am afraid), another started- because I did not want to sew it up. A bag for a custom order nearly done but awaiting magnetic snap as I have run out of the colour I think would look best. No point spoiling the ship for a hapeth of tar as my Mum would say.

So, as the summer hols are nearly done, I thought that after showing you the gardens that inspire me, I would show a few shots of my little patch of earth. It does not in any way match up to those that I aspire to emulate but I am getting there. If you are interested I have charted its journey on my flickr page - click on the title.