Sunday, 24 July 2011

Happy Christmas in July!!!!

That still sounds funny doesn't it?  Well like many others `we are doing it!`  I shall be celebrating a bit by watching some of the QVC things whilst I do the rotten ironing......and ..... by offering FREE UK SHIPPING until the end of July on all items in my etsy shop.  Just type the coupon code XMASINJULY10 at the checkout, and I believe it will sort it all out.

I will be adding these new bears today also. Depends if I get up before you guys read  this or not.  As its the first day of my hollibobs its unlikely! Both bears are sporting some new merchandising material which i want to do a full post on later this week.

The first is `Clarence`.  He is in the same blonde toffee coloured plush as Daisy but a distinctly different look to his little face.  He is a bit Christmassy with his gingerbread man pads.  Like Daisy, fully jointed and all hand sewn.  He has safety eyes instead of the sew in eyes that Daisy had.  I haven't decided which I prefer yet.

The next one is `Juliet`.  She was a real labour of love.  I had a lovely faux fur gilet that I quite honestly never wore more than once or twice.  I kept looking at the gorgeous fur on the inside and wondering.  Well, the conclusion is that it made a beautiful bear but oh boy was it tough to sew!  My fingers really hurt and I broke no less than three sewing needles!  Safe to say,  it will be a while before I even consider the bit that is left!  Look closely at her inner arms.  The gilet had some paisley embroidery at the bottom and there just wasn`t enough plain to do the whole job, so I used the embroidered bit and I think it looks like she has nice feminine tattoos.

Happy Christmas !!!!!!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Purses at knock down prices.

I have taken the decision to close down the Perfect Little Purse Company on etsy as I really want to focus on the toys as they are what make me happy.  It was good making the bags but the mojo has gone and no point plodding on if my heart is not in it.  I have some left and am going to offer them at knock down prices on here.  Just leave me a comment about which one or ones you would like and an e-mail address and I will send a paypal invoice for you.  The price will include second class shipping in the UK.  If you want to upgrade it for whatever reason just let me know and I will sort out a the price difference on the invoice.
I really need to free up some space in my sewing room so please consider the absolute steal thes all are. All these bags are OOAK and now is a great time to bag yourself a bargain, or dare I say it, start putting things away for Christmas presents.  There, I did say it.  P.S if you can`t stretch to one at the mo I would be most grateful if you could share the link on your own blog.  Many thanks guys. xxx

Update! I have just added `buy it now` buttons which link to paypal in the sidebar. This gives us both all the info we need to conduct an easy transaction. Who knew this existed? not me!  Go on give it a try - and do let me know if there are any problems and I will try to iron them out.

Daisy Reversible Tote

Daisy Reversed!


Pink Liberty Neddlecord Hobo

Liberty Needlecord Hobo Shoulder bag

Bamboo Handle Tote

Burlesque Style Handbag (also really good for knitting)

Autumn Floral Handbag (also good for knitting storage)

Pink Floral tote

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Swap Time

Recently, I took part in a swap on one of my etsy teams.  This time it was the British Sellers on Etsy team.  If you sell on etsy, I cant recommend joining a team or two enough.  Lots of help and promotions to get things moving.  Well the theme for this swap was actually `summer`.  My partner and I agreed it was a tough one and neither of us were bothered about sticking to that part.  Mind you, as one of the items I made for my partner Kelly was a draught excluder, it could be argued it is actually quite in keeping with a British summer!!!!! 
So anyway, here are a couple of shots of the items I sent her. 

Sorry, that last pic is a bit blurry but some reason, blogger does not like my better picture. Cruel critic the internet sometimes.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Are You an Arctophile?

Well it has to said I definitely am!  I have always had a penchant for teddy bears.  There have been periods of my life where they have been squirrelled away as they `weren`t what grown ups did`, normally because we were moving.  Its never really gone away and recently has really come back with avengeance.  Mostly instigated by Charlie Bears on QVC (yes, guilty admission, I do enjoy a  bit of QVC).  They are just lovely and quite affordable, but, produced in some numbers, and I do indeed own bears in the name of myself and my husband. Old romantic I am, I couldn't have one without the other.  I am, however, one of those people that likes to have one of a kind things, as nice as the others are.  There are some wonderful independent bear artists out there that have truly inspired me, but I just cant afford their lovely bears at the moment.  Its really not a case of justification, they are worth every penny.  Some of my favourites are Jackie Slade at Sew Special Bears and the gorgeous diddy creations of DiddyBears.  I will do a feature on some etsy bear makers I have found at a later date.  Well, fraying purse strings and a need to add to my hug, made me think.  So I did some research, bought some plush and some joints and `had a go`.  Its not perfect, but I know for next time.  I am really quite proud that I have made the first ever Cutey Critters jointed bear.

She is a 17" fully jointed pale toffee plush bear.  I wanted to call her Fleur because of the floral fabric I used for the pads, but Mr. Cutey Critters, declared he did not like it (so sorry if you are called Fleur - I do like it), so Daisy was thus christened.  I am really quite chuffed and cant wait to make another.