Friday, 19 December 2008

Giveaway on Kaths blog

I have had an insomnia attack and have been reading the blogs of other crafters. I have been known to dabble in papercrafts myself so was delighted to find this very generous giveaway. It ends midnight tonite so there is still time to get your entry in.

Last Minute Gifts

I thought I would share with you the lovely stocking I was commisioned to make for a newly married lady to give to her new husband this year. The brief was he loves books and the opera. Quite specific and so little time. I am really chuffed with what I have come up with especially as I made it on the day after a sedated hospital proceedure. I am a bit dizzy (not that I would admit that to my husband, because he would stop me doing it), but its come out so well.

It was supposed to be done before the hospital, but the stupid postal service took 4 days to deliver a signed for 1-2 day parcel. Hope they can manage to get it to my customer on time. Fingers crossed folks

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

More Kitty Humour

Ok, my friend sent me this and I think it worthy of sharing.

For anyone who's ever been owned by a cat, I'm sure you can relate!

Job Description for Cats

Bathrooms – Always accompany guest to the bathroom. It is not necessary to do anything. Just sit & stare.

Doors – Do not allow any closed doors……in any room. To get the door opened, stand on hind legs & hammer with forepaws. Once door is opened, it's not necessary to use it. After you have ordered an outside door opened, stand halfway in & out & think about several things. This is particularly important during very cold weather, rain, snow, or mosquito season.

Chairs and Rugs – If you have to throw up, get to a chair quickly. If you cannot manage one in time, get to an Oriental rug. If there is no Oriental rug, shag is good. When throwing up on the carpet, make sure you back up so it's as long as a human's bare foot.

Hampering – If one of your humans is engaged in any activity and the other on is idle, stay with the busy one. This is called helping, otherwise known as hampering. Following are the rules for hampering.

When supervising cooking, sit behind the left heel of the cook. You cannot be seen and thereby stand a better chance of being stepped on and then picked up and comforted. For book readers, get in close under the chin, between the eyes and book – unless you can lie across the book itself.

If a human is working at a computer, jump up on desk, walk across keyboard, bat at mouse pointer on screen, and then lay in human's lap across arms hampering typing in progress.

Walking – As often as possible, dart quickly & as close as possible in front of the human….especially on stairs, when they have something in their arms, in the dark, and when they first get up in the morning. This will help their coordination skills.

Bedtime - Always sleep on the human at night so he/she cannot move around. Litter Box – When using the litter box, be sure to kick as much litter out of the box as possible. Humans love the feel of kitty litter between their toes.

Hiding – Every now and then, hide in a place where the humans cannot find you and…do NOT come out for three or four hours under any circumstances. This will cause the humans to panic (which they love) thinking that you have run away or are lost. Once you do come out…the humans will cover you with love and kisses, and you probably will get a treat.

One Last Thought – Whenever possible, get close to humans, especially their face, then turn around and present your butt to them. Humans love this, so do it often

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Newsflash, Perfect Purses Goes on UK Site

Excellent news for all my UK customers. I have put some of my items on a new site very similar to etsy but listed in pounds sterling so you guys all know whats going on. Its called FOLKSY. I have not put everything on yet, but if you have an item you really wanted but the dollars stopped you. Contact me via either site and I will happily sort the listing for you. We still have until the end of the week to get Christmas orders out, so order by end of Friday 19th December and I will post out 1st class on Saturday so you will get it for the Big Day. I can also by special arrangement send direct and gift wrapped (no giveaway invoices inside) to lucky recipient if you have left it a touch too late. So pop along have a look and do let me know what you think.

Not Such an Angel

Well I have shared my others cats` antics in the litter tray.

This little angel has been a naughty boy.

I have a breakfast ritual of fruit salad , followed by toast and tea.

Yesterday I settled down to breakfast in front of the telly (well you have to start the day right don't you). Halfway through the lovely fruit I think `what`s that noise?`. When I look at the table next to me the little devil is happily licking the jam from the toast which I must point out was the last slice of my gluten free bread. What the heck kind of cat likes jam anyway?
To say I was angry may be an understatement. I went to work hungry and `Tubby` spent an hour or two in the doghouse.

If you are a fellow cat owner you will relate to this. Even if you are not, its still amusing ( I think)
Apologies if you have seen it before, but I never tire of it.

Thursday, 11 December 2008


I have little blogworthy news today.
My daughter, however has managed to snag herself a `treasury` on etsy, where we both sell our wares.

For those of you that are not so familiar with this, its basically quite a covertable thing to get a treasury. You have to fight for a slot they are that popular. You don't put your own items in, but highlight some things you find particularly enjoyable. Often, they tend to colour themed and treasurers tend to try to make them as attractive as possible because the greatest accolade is to get your treasury on the front page. Emmas` treasury is purple themed and she chose to put a couple of my bags on it, so I am very proud.

Here is a link to the treasury, have a quick peek there are some cute things on there.

Also if you havent been to etsy yet, here is a direct link to the home page (you can go to my shop via the link on the right hand side of this blog

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A New Resolution, and its not New Year!

I have made a deciscion to blog more regularly. I have had a bit of a tough time lately but putting more positive thoughts to paper are theraputic. It helps one focus on the good rather than getting lost in the negativitiy which seems to ensue at the moment.
I made this for a Christmas present but cannot put who, in case they read hehe.
I am quite pleased as its the first one. I think I will make some more as I have quite a few smaller zippers. Watch this space and in the shop they will go. Should you need a hasty present just e-mail me and I could get one out in about three days.
So we have a little bit of time.

Friday, 14 November 2008

My Cat Has Lost the Plot

Okay so my lovely cat has always been a bit on the quirky side. He sleeps on boxes, paper,the laundry, my lap the warmest part of the floor near the airing cupboard. No big surprises there.
We bought them all nice cat beds 2 years ago and I could still return them - not been anywhere near them, only to look and laugh at what daft humans we are. They even tease us by looking in and we sit on the edge of our seat going `he is going in the cat bed at last!` Then they turn around and give you `the look` and hoss off to find a tv guide to settle down on.
Now this particular kitty is rather old and does not like the great outdoors anymore. We put him out at night in the summer but now it is chilly I sorted out the litter tray and filled it with the paper type litter from last year. You will deduce why I had it left over from the pic. I have now purchased catsan! £££££££££

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Geishas New In My shop

Had a good weekend so far. Lots of decorating. Finally my junk room will actually become a dining room! Just have to refrain from letting the huge piles of `needing to be ironed` laundry from building up in there - some hope! But I will try.

This is the latest bag to go into the etsy shop. Lovely subtle blue and soft red on a beige background. Hint of metallic and the popular bamboo handles.
Fab present for someone on your list.
As a special offer I am offering a FREE MATCHING KEYRING for blog readers. Just convo me before purchase and I will revise the listing so you can be sure of what you are getting.

The Christmas stockings are starting to sell so get in quick if you want one.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Its nearly Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its been a long while since I blogged. I am so naughty. I have been busy though. Last week I did a charity fundraiser which I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed. I did not make megabucks but I did sell some stuff and got so many genuinely encouraging compliments. I would really recommend it.
Here are what is left of my best sellers at the show. Wish I had had time to take pics of them all first but it was rush rush rush.
These are now in my etsy shop and will be trialled on ebay at the weekend. They are as always OOAK so get them while they are there. There is still time for custom orders of these and at £4 they are a steal. Why not get one or two for your little monsters.

Also about to go in the shop are some lovely Christmas Stockings ( I know I know, but you cant ignore it forever)
Here`s a sneaky preview

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Well, who knew????????????

My daughter introduced me to a new tv programme a few weeks ago whilst sitting home looking or a job. A mind numbing and soul destroying pastime for any of us so I figured this would be one of those irritating teen things which render me with the absolute assurance that I should rather stick pins in my eyes than watch it.
I begrudgingly sat down with her to watch it as I was on holiday from work also and I have to watch something - not sure why, but I do.

"Its like `you and me if you did not get married" she said. Isn't that everyone I thought. I should point out that I did not happen upon my husband until after my daughters appearance into the world.

Have you guessed it yet. Well I am totally addicted to `Gilmore Girls` now. I don't watch that kind of TV much but I love it. The trouble is its on every day!
I watched yesterday as I am now off sick. I watched alone! OMG I realised that she was right. The daughter was going to Yale and my daughter is away for the week and I felt really quite tearful. The sudden realisation that I was watching our tv without her and even more poignantly that I was feeling exactly how the MUM was on the programme.

Last night I was suffering impossible insomnia brought on by ongoing health problems (far to yukky to share) and I found an old episode we had missed whilst on holiday. So dear daughter - I know why Jess has gone! I will tell you later.


Yes he has been on this blog before. I had better not post another or I might be considered a stalker. Its not the reason I like this but I did squeal "its Peter Petrelli! but really young!" god i am embarrassing

Saturday, 30 August 2008

A Good Day

Ok, I have had a good day today. My daughter got into the college course she wanted. I have to admire her perseverance under seemingly impossible situations that keep throwing themselves in her path.

I started my Christmas shopping. I know its early but I have to pace myself or it becomes a horrible frenzy that ultimate ends up in buying the thing that `will have to do` at far more than you should have to pay for it. I am doing some handcrafting in the form of knitting. I cannot say what as the recipient may read this. I like a bit of clicking in the colder months in front of the telly.

Also listed two gift sets (so you guys can start your seasonal shopping-lol) which are a new design with matching wallets. I will make some more of these as I have a mini job lot of these handles. Check out the pics below. More in the shop.

Best of all, there is a glowing light in the sky and I have the patio doors open (no jumpers!!!!!!!!)

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Well Maybe Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, before I went on my hols to Egypt I posted `Summers Here`. It would seem, not so much.
I left 40 degree heat and came back to 15!!!!!!!!!!!!. Its rained virtually every day since I have been back. My six week work holiday is over bar a week and I haven't sewn a bloomin thing. I think all this cruddy rain is sapping my creative juices.
I was going to post some pictures of the garden but it just hasn't lived up to expectations this year. Every time I feed my beloved tropical beauties it rains after and washes it all away. Don't get me wrong- its not bad, its just not as good as I would like.
I have started a pictorial history of the gardens evolution on my flickr page for anyone who is interested. None of this year yet, but there will be later.

These are some custom orders I finished before I left for foreign climes. Well, I had to post some sewing didnt I?

Friday, 25 July 2008

Summers here

And I am going to foreign climes, typical. I am happy nonetheless as I am not at work. Felt strange the first day, like I missed it. The offspring are bored which is a bummer because there is not much to do here and the other half has my car as the fuel economy is better on mine. Damn his impractical car purchases and damn the bloody oil companies. Went for a fruitless walk to find the shop in the next village yesterday. I know where it is, just did not want to walkup the busy B1113. It was a lovely day for it so all was not lost. We have car today, yay.
I have the trusty sewing machine back and have produced some bags for some custom requests. Just need postie to bring me the handles and I will post some pics.
Oh, I found my daughters blog today - its ok folks I did not wince. She actually spins a good text.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

New Items in Shop

Before the machine went to visit my parents, I ran these up. I am so pleased with the lilac one. I went out for plain linings and this fabric just screamed "buy me!!!!!". I resisted to start with, but my purchases slightly exceeded the cash in my purse but did not quite reach the shops card minimum so I just had to didnt I????????
Found some great royalty free graphics of fairies and have some ideas floating around the grey matter. Watch this space.

New Fave Etsy Sellers - July

That should ready June Part 3 but the last few weeks have proven rather busy. I have not had time to sew which is a good thing as my Mum has borrowed the sewing machine. I say borrowed, but it was hers in the first place and my Dad banned her from using it. Apparently father has lifted said ban for a short time. No matter, no bloomin sewing time yet. Why is the summer term so hectic? Trips, new schools, fetes, the list goes on! Only 2 weeks and 2 days left till a glorious 6 weeks off. Yes, I know that is one hell of a holiday, but there has to be some perks to cooking school lunches!!!!!!!!!!!

This time the etsy seller feature is Sherrie Spencer. The detail in her artwork is quite unsurpassed. Fans of Johnny Depp should take a peek in her shop. Lots of fairies, which are my particular thing (not that I do not like JD).
Visit her shop at

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Fave Etsy Sellers for June, Part 2

Seller no 2, (no order here, just as and when they replied to give permission to publish) is Valerie Ashley who sells under the exquisite name of Elysian Fields. She is a member of the etsy FAE Team and everything is fantasy and wonderful. Just up my street.
You can find her at
and new blog at, also lots of links to myspace and `The Fairy Society`
Just gorgeous fairy stuff. I really must get my wings serviced. These gas prices are killing me, lol. x

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Fave Etsy Sellers for June - Part 1

Its been a long while since I did a favourite etsy seller feature. I have gone into my favourites page and re-discovered some sellers I found a while ago, and their new stuff just reminds me why I put them there in the first place.
First up I would like you to meet Katherine Cooper of `The Vanilla Design Studio`who designs and makes possibly the most technically brilliant and pretty jewellery around. Its hard as a jewellery maker to stand out from the others as there really are a lot of jewellery makers out there. Many are good but these just shout quality to me and her attention to detail is quite unsurpassed. I am very proud to have found her as she is a fellow Brit.
You can find her shop at
I have added a clickable link in the links section.
You can also visit her own website where there are even more goodies

Here are my pick of the three I particularly like. I am a bracelet girl, and would be happy to give them all a space on my jewellery hanger.




Katherine herself has asked to add this to the post and I am delighted to include it. Keep up the good work Katherine.

"A big thank you goes out to my fellow Brit Joy and her kindness in featuring me in her blog, one of my bracelets 'Snow Over Japan' is wait for, it's half price!!! for one week in support of The Etsy Yart Sale, do take a peek..."

Hey thats a good offer folks.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Football, football football

If you are like me, and not the biggest fan of football, you are also probably as sick of it as I am. We have only had 1 week of the euro whatsit thingy and still, I am told, have 2 more to go. England are not even in it! nonetheless my tv screen seems to be almost permanently green in the afternoon/evening! Whatever happened to the `no bloody point watching it now! philosophy we had when England went out. The only chinks in this are Dr.Who and Heroes. Some good reasons to persuade other half to turn over. Don`t think he has realised my ulterior motives yet. ;)

Short post today as I don't seem to have much say which is so unusual for me. Besides, I am just killing time until the doctor appears in place of grass.
Next time, some more fave etsy sellers. I have not done that for quite a while.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Yay, Sold my sofa

I am so pleased I have sold my sofa to a lovely young couple just moving in together. Things sometimes turn out just so. My new one is coming Thursday. I will just have to sew cushions in my studio tomorrow night whilst we are sofa-less.

I finished the first zebra bag, and its so cool. The photo sucks a bit tho because its so dull and grey at the mo (this is britain in June - ha)

Friday, 30 May 2008

A Productive Couple of Days

Well its been half term this week and the weather has been predicably damp! In between cleaning like a thing possessed because we are selling our house I have managed to create some new designs ready to go in my etsy shop. I have conquered my zipper fear and am truly unstoppable now, um well until I bugger one up, and then I will get so disheartened.
Here are the new arrivals.

My creative juices are on overdrive at the moment, which is probably why I am drafting this post at 01.39! Somebody has asked for a zebra print bag with some specific criteria, and now all I see when I close my eyes is black and white stripes. There are 3 potential designs floating around in the grey matter. If I have enough fabric, I will probably do them all and let her choose. The others will go into the shop. Watch this space.
Also my thoughts are on small local craft fairs. I thought now would be a good time to give that a try. The large ones are so expensive I dont know how anyone other than the organisers ever break even, let alone make a profit. So we all have to start somewhere. If there are any organisers of suitale events in Norfolk reading please drop me a line. I would love to here more.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

I am still Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have neglected my little blog lately, life has that habit of just getting in the way dont you you think. The cushions are still not done, the sofa is still not here and thankfully, the old one has not sold yet - phew! If it had, we would all have numb bums!!!!!

Look at these lovely shots we took on a day out to Fritton Lake. A nice day if a little chilly still. The first picnic of the year though. Always good. :)

Just made, after a spell of non stitching (flipping life again) a larger basket style. Like this one a lot. One for all the poppy lovers I am told are out there.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Ok I lied

I knew I could not do it. Spurred on by a flurry of sales last week I went off and made a few more bags and the cushion materials are still in the store bag as we speak. To be fair, the sofa company have not given me a delivery date at the moment.

So here I my latest works of art here. They all feature my new labels, but a bit hard to see. I am pleased with them but am still experimenting somewhat with their attachment. IE straight stitch or zigzag as they are raw edged.