Thursday, 17 October 2013


Well, I haven't blogged have I? 

Time to make up for it now. What's happened?

I am a Nanna! My gorgeous adorable grandson is 9 weeks old. I am not sure if I am allowed to show you so I have to check. I know I am biased but he really is a cutie. Well done to my wonderful daughter and fabulous son in law.

The house we are buying is going through. We changed to a different one and there is room for the sewing machine! Happy days. Not long now. We will be in for Christmas, yay!

Speaking of which, I have been stocking the shop a bit. I made one of these tea cosies for a gift and that inspired a tea cosy mania for a little while. I think they would make a lovely gift, maybe with a teapot for that person who likes the nice homey things. My friend adored hers.

That`s only half of them, get ready, here is yet more. I am not sure how I got so excited by tea cosies, but I do.

Right, the sight of all those tea and biccies has made we want a cuppa. 
Next time baby blankets!
Will I be allowed a model, I wonder?


Saturday, 10 August 2013

So what have I been Doing?

Well, I have moved house. We sold quite fast and are currently happily nestled in a rental house that suits just fine for now. I still have a sewing room but maybe not for long. We may have found the right house to suit our needing less money lifestyle (read as less pressure and stress lifestyle). Just waiting to see if it goes through. It will not have a room to dedicate to sewing, but I will manage. I did before and I will again. I actually love finding clever and innovative ways to store stuff and use my space. Keep you posted.

I have been doing some making in all this time but not sharing. How mean!

I have my first grandchild imminent any minute......literally. My daughter was due on Thursday so it really will not be long. She doesn't believe me, poor thing. I rustled up a cot quilt and bumper set for the nursery and a matching fleecy pillow. Hope you like. The beautiful knitted shawl was made by my very talented Mum who has been knitting some just lovely things for baby.

She also asked me to make some fabric buckets with some of her fabric. I love this colour combo.

There have been some crocheted blankets too but I quite forgot to photograph them. I will next time I am there.

Until next time folks. I have so enjoyed writing this blog again. Now that a lot of life's hiatus has calmed, maybe I can get back to it. Next time I shall share my non baby crochet.


Sunday, 5 May 2013

I am Still Here!

My last post read 'It's nearly Christmas!'  Well, we have had Valentines, Mothers Day and Easter, without a peep from me. A kind note from a fellow blogger made me think I ought to say hi. I haven't given up crafting or blogging. The crafting has been happening behind the scenes but the blogging has taken a definite back seat.

The fact is lots has happened here. Most of it good and some of it challenging. I am not one to bare all facets of my life in on the blogosphere, but suffice to say, we are moving house very soon and I really hope that life will return to a more reasonable pace where I can blog from time to time and drop into the CraftBritannia etsy group more often.

I have lots of things to show you. I have made gloves, quilt and some really lovely crochet, but it all has to wait a wee bit longer. I even have to try to make a costume for someone to be Link from Legend of Zelda this week whilst shifting boxes.

I look forward to blogging again very soon dear friends.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Its Nearly Christmas!

Well, its nearly here isn't it?  Every year we say "its ages till Christmas, why do folk start so early?"
Then every year December arrives and takes us by surprise and we all start rushing around like headless chooks. The same goes for our customers. Every year, I get the panic e-mails asking if there is any way I can get items to their various destinations in time for the big day. I have also lost count of how many times I have explained to the menfolk in my house why shops, crafters and Mums start thinking about the festive season so soon. They just don't get that as the provider you need to well ahead of the buyers or there is nothing for them to buy from you when they need to. Men!

I myself am having what we would have to call a very frugal Christmas and mostly a handmade Christmas.  That means I cannot right now show off many of my recent makes but you can look forward to post festive posts for that.

Things I can show off are the new stockings I have made for the etsy shop

Some old favourite designs

And some cute cute mini mittens for your tree.

Get in quick as if you are in the US Canada or Eastern Europe, its got be in the post on Monday10th December.  Western Europe, you have a bit longer with the in the post date for you being Wednesday 12th December. UK peeps you have the last in the post date of  Thursday 20th December, but if I were you I would do it sooner.  Please also remember when ordering from any online seller, last posting date, means just that, not last ordering date. You need to allow enough time for packing and getting to the post office and that you order before the post office closes.
Happy Shopping Folks

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Where am I?

I have to apologise to all the folks arriving here for the updates on the monthly makes.  We have had a bit of family drama and I needed to be there for the family, so have asked Kandipandi to help me out. I am sorry to have bowed out at this point but it couldn't be helped. Things are improving slowly so normal blogging will resume in due course, I hope.  In the meantime, do visit the group to see what each other have been up to for the remainder of October, and try to keep warm folks.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

First Weekly Roundup of October Monthly Makes

In case you missed my last post, I am the guest caretaker for the October monthly make challenge over on flickr. We are up to 19 group members at the moment but there is always room for some more. The more the merrier.  We can be found right here.

So here is a round up of the lovely makes by our members this week.

Kandipandi has made a very detailed historical Sampler cross stich

A stunning button bejewelled lampshade

Read more about her crafty exploits at

The Crafters Apprentice has produced these pretty appliquéd bookmarks

She has a blog you can have a peruse through too at

Celtic Thistle Stitches has constructed a fab button necklace

Silvia of Slow Lane made has shown us her transformation of where she crafts.

She has a blog at

Laura of Blue Giraffe Crafts has cross stitched this great little robot mobile phone case.

There have also been some very cute felt designs by Rosa Lily and Jumbleberries.  Beautifully detailed bag, apron and cushion from gillthevintagegardener.  some fabric flowers and a cute cute rag doll from Ali Bee.

My Hungry Hippee has made lots. There is a cute dress in owl fabric, some halloween bunting and a floral bag.

Gilly Thompson of Rosie Dosie has done some rather arty emboidery, some cutwork and an appliqued cushion cover.

I havent been able to show you these ones but please do go look at these ladies fabulous work on the flickr group page

Lastly, here are my offerings for this week
A patchwork blanket  for a customer

 A wee bunny I am making stock of for this fab new online boutique which I shall tell you more about very soon.

And lastly, after a friends request for a couple of fabric hearts, I got a little carried away.

These can be found in my new etsy shop if you would like a peek.

I am looking forward to see what the groups members come up with for next week.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Monthly Makes for October

Hello dear friends. Now, you may have seen me post things that I have made and posted in a monthly makes challenge. This month it is my turn to host the monthly makes which was originally set up by my dear friend Annie Browne over at The Felt Fairy. Now this year she is a wee bit busy and doing a bit of recuperating so we in the group have each taken on a month to lighten the load for her.  Its not too late if you would like to join in. Its all a bit of fun and no pressure at all.  You can join the flickr group over here and upload as many of your lovely makes as you would like. I myself have a few to pop in that might have made it into September but just haven't. But that's ok by me and I don't suppose anyone else will mind either. See newcomers, that's how light hearted it is.

I shall be doing a weekly roundup of the groups photos here on the blog and  look forward to seeing you soon.

So do join, do have a look and comment on everyone else's goodies. I expect lots of them will be halloweeny and possibly a bit festive as its getting to that time again isn't it?

Click here to take you to the group.
And please stroke the cat, she loves it. If you put the sound up she may well purr.