Friday, 7 December 2012

Its Nearly Christmas!

Well, its nearly here isn't it?  Every year we say "its ages till Christmas, why do folk start so early?"
Then every year December arrives and takes us by surprise and we all start rushing around like headless chooks. The same goes for our customers. Every year, I get the panic e-mails asking if there is any way I can get items to their various destinations in time for the big day. I have also lost count of how many times I have explained to the menfolk in my house why shops, crafters and Mums start thinking about the festive season so soon. They just don't get that as the provider you need to well ahead of the buyers or there is nothing for them to buy from you when they need to. Men!

I myself am having what we would have to call a very frugal Christmas and mostly a handmade Christmas.  That means I cannot right now show off many of my recent makes but you can look forward to post festive posts for that.

Things I can show off are the new stockings I have made for the etsy shop

Some old favourite designs

And some cute cute mini mittens for your tree.

Get in quick as if you are in the US Canada or Eastern Europe, its got be in the post on Monday10th December.  Western Europe, you have a bit longer with the in the post date for you being Wednesday 12th December. UK peeps you have the last in the post date of  Thursday 20th December, but if I were you I would do it sooner.  Please also remember when ordering from any online seller, last posting date, means just that, not last ordering date. You need to allow enough time for packing and getting to the post office and that you order before the post office closes.
Happy Shopping Folks


  1. Hi Joy - those striped stockings are just beautiful. Were they fiddly to make? XX

    1. Thanks Helen. No not fiddly. Actually an absolute dream of a project. Cut out a stocking shape in foundation fabric. I like to use curtain interlining as it gives a little padding but doesn't catch like wadding would. Then just use piece directly onto the foundation piece and then trim to shape you had originally. If I can find a better technique tute I will send you a link. You will love doing this.

  2. I love your stockings esp the patchwork ones! And a great idea the little mittens kx

    1. Thankyou. That gingham binding on the top ones was from the pack I won in your giveaway actually. The mitts are cute aren't they.

  3. Hi Joy...Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday and leaving the lovely comments! I hope you're well and enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend!
    Susan x