Saturday, 14 June 2008

Football, football football

If you are like me, and not the biggest fan of football, you are also probably as sick of it as I am. We have only had 1 week of the euro whatsit thingy and still, I am told, have 2 more to go. England are not even in it! nonetheless my tv screen seems to be almost permanently green in the afternoon/evening! Whatever happened to the `no bloody point watching it now! philosophy we had when England went out. The only chinks in this are Dr.Who and Heroes. Some good reasons to persuade other half to turn over. Don`t think he has realised my ulterior motives yet. ;)

Short post today as I don't seem to have much say which is so unusual for me. Besides, I am just killing time until the doctor appears in place of grass.
Next time, some more fave etsy sellers. I have not done that for quite a while.

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