Friday, 14 November 2008

My Cat Has Lost the Plot

Okay so my lovely cat has always been a bit on the quirky side. He sleeps on boxes, paper,the laundry, my lap the warmest part of the floor near the airing cupboard. No big surprises there.
We bought them all nice cat beds 2 years ago and I could still return them - not been anywhere near them, only to look and laugh at what daft humans we are. They even tease us by looking in and we sit on the edge of our seat going `he is going in the cat bed at last!` Then they turn around and give you `the look` and hoss off to find a tv guide to settle down on.
Now this particular kitty is rather old and does not like the great outdoors anymore. We put him out at night in the summer but now it is chilly I sorted out the litter tray and filled it with the paper type litter from last year. You will deduce why I had it left over from the pic. I have now purchased catsan! £££££££££

1 comment:

  1. haha dopey cat, I have a picture of him asleep in a fabric scraps box, proving he often sleeps in silly yet highly amusing places!