Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Makeover for Belle

I know I am picky but I just was not happy with Belle. I had tried different ears in garter stitch, but was not convinced they looked right. So last night I made her some new ones and the sharp eyed ones amongst you will notice the makeover has put a bigger smile on her face as well as mine.
Little brothers may just be completed tonight. Please dont hold me to hat tho, as I have had a busy day what with work, cookery club and usual daily stuff. I will try. I am dying to see how they turn out with their little jumpers. Just have to watch lots of Gilmore Girls to keep me awake.
BTW I am dying to do some elephant versions of these, so if anyone knows the head shapings for jumbos I would love to hear from you. I guess I shall figure it out but it never hurt to take advice.

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