Monday, 15 June 2009

Giveaway win and some loveley Results

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win some lovely handspun yarn from KnitzandBitz. It is a lovely Silk, Alpaca and Shetland mix and is absolutely beautiful.

I instantly thought `bunny`

Here is `Babette`. She is a bedtime bunny and has sparked a whole new set of ideas (and unplanned yarn purchasing). This yarn knitted on much larger needles than my usual bunny yarns so she has come out a bit larger which I am quite chuffed with. I think I may have to consider more yarns from KnitzandBitz as their earthy blends lend themselves perfectly to my little critters. She is about 14ins (35.5cm) from slipper to top of her ears whereas her predecessors are 10ins (27cm).
Here she is with one of her smaller friends

I think I may have to rename my blog soon as I do not seem to be making many bags at the moment. Although I do have a `Superman Holdall` in production for my little nephews holiday - pics to follow.

I am going to try and sort this link thing out later but I am sure you can copy and paste for now. If anyone has `tips for an idiot, please forward them to me because I have followed all the blogger instructions (as I see them haha) but it still will not bloomin work.


  1. OMG I love your BUNNY. I am really really pleased you used it. It does look fantastic.

    Let us know if you ever need anything hun and we will happily spin it for you.

    Can I pinch your pic to blog about it, I will link it to your blog and store.