Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Holidays are Here (summer I think)

Well its actually here. The end of another school year, and I as much as many children am ecstatic. No work for 7 whole weeks, yippee.

Before I show off my latest works in progress I wanted to share something that made me realise the lack of transport or a shop was a small price to pay for living in the country ( well for today anyhow)
These little guys were making a racket encouraging each other across the road to my front garden. I am easily pleased. So are they, its peeing down again.

There has been absolutely no bag making at all lately. Its bunny production all the way. I have a new pattern and have so many colour combos going on its unreal. Here are the first 2 in bits. Watch this space for the finished articles.

Next in the queue are these

We shall not even go near the winter colours I have just ordered for the Christmas collection. Although I did find this in my stash.

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