Sunday, 25 October 2009

Where have I been, you may ask. Well the truth is, nowhere. I have tried to blog a couple of times but Mr.Blogger has been up to naughty tricks and all I got was error messages and unable to post a thing. Well now its seems he has been told off and sorted out so here goes.

You remember `Tess`, my first experimental Teddy? Well let me introduce you to `Tilly` her sister. She has a few tweaks on her older sibling and I am more pleased with the result. The question is, do I accept that everyone is different, even teds, or do I perform atheistic surgery (ie, off with her head and re-knit it). I think I will put it down to the former and not put her through that. She is not exactly ugly.

A quick reminder of Tess


  1. Tilly is just too cute! Wonderful job!

  2. I just wanted to ask how you add an Etsy gadget to your blog?

  3. Love these little characters, bet you had great fun creating them Joy.