Monday, 13 September 2010

Finally, some stock finished.

I spent the last week or so finishing up some animals which for one reason or another never seemed to get sewn up. The result being a bit like busses. Three at once having not seen one for ages!

First for your delight is Ruthie. She has a hint of Christmas I think but not in an `in your face, put her away in January` kind of Christmas.
She can be found here

Next, this canoodling couple are Ellen and Ethan. Although they are pictured together here they are listed separately here and here. Aren`t they just adorable?

I have sold quite a few of the horses outside of etsy, so now my stock shelf looks more knitteds as a few months ago it was more horses. Dont forget everything can be made to order so do convo me, or simply, in the case of the horses, purchase a custom listing and then let me know what colours you want.

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  1. Hi Joy - your lovely knitted animals remind me of the ones my Mum used to make. She was a great knitter, but I'm just not patient enough - I like the knitting but can't be bothered with all the sewing up and stuffing....x