Monday, 11 February 2008

Etsy sellers

Phew a whole week has gone since my last post! I am glad to say the weather has heard my pleas and perked up.

Enough about the weather. Onto the post topic. I have decided to feature some of the etsy sellers I have found on my travels each week.

This week I have found a fab UK seller (had to start with a fellow Brit sorry).

Check out her unique jewellery.

Next up, bearing in mind its still a bit on the nippy side, LOOK at theses. they look so cosy, another Uk seller.

Next up I just adore these baby shoes from a seller in Israel. Dont know anyone expecting sadly but I am sure someone reading this will.


  1. Hi Joy!

    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog to say hello. I didn't realize when I left you a comment that I was logged in under a different email address, hence you found my old knitting blog which, sadly, I haven't written in for nearly a year!

    This comment should bring you to my new Etsy blog. :)

    Lovely shops you've featured today and since the temperature here is about 9 degrees C, I'm wishing for a pair of toe-warming duvet slippers!

  2. Just goes to prove I dont read dates properly. Had a look at your new one - just as good my friend. U have come on since the stitch markers.