Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Why Is February so Horrid?!!!!?

I do not like February. Sounds a bit gloomy I know, but seriously guys ...........its pants isnt it? Its still bloomin cold. The sun has forgotten we exist and we are all still so very skint from Christmas. For me its kinda hectic ( and expensive). I counted 8 birthdays this month! I am not sure I can cope. To top it all my daughters 18th is one of them. So Happy Birthday love if you read this ( thats a big if!!!!!!!!!!!!, like an 18 year old is gonna read this rubbish).

I really cant wait for the summer now. I hate winter clothes and am starting to get urges to buy new sandals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Must be mad. Also I get to indulge in my other passion, which is tropical gardening. Still deciding whether to put that on here or go for another blog on that theme. Any thoughts would be welcome. Though it has to be said that my garden is a tad compact and not sure I could write too much. Hang on though, this is me we are talking about, I can spout on for hours. Just ask the eye rolling husband.

Maybe next week will be better. Its half term. I hope to get lots of sewing done as well as a garden tidy up. Oh and some sitting down with hot tea for once.

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  1. I found your blog by following Etsy Sellers Who Blog links, and your latest post headline caught my eye because I was just thinking the exact same thing! In my little corner of the world it's been snowing for the past three days and we haven't seen bare ground since the first week of December...arrrgh!!

    I'm right with you, longing for spring and gardening. :)

    Your purses are lovely, I just had to heart your shop!