Sunday, 6 April 2008

New Labels

This post is partially an etsy seller feature an partially an article to promote my new branding. I decided it was time to get some tags for my bags and co-ordinating stickers. Up till now I have hung my business cards with a ribbon which looked quite good, but I found an artist on etsy that could custom make tags for scrapbooking. I worked with her to come up with some with all my shop details. All I have to do is add the appropriate ribbon. I was so pleased with these, I commissioned a similar design for fabric labels to sew inside my bags from another seller. Whilst I was quite happy with the woven ones I felt they were a little bog standard. So if you have one with the old label you know you have one of the first bags in my shop.

The hang tags are by Kelly Lown her shop is at
She also has a delightful blog `The Paper Pixie`the link is in my links at the bottom of the page.

The fabric labels are by

Thanks ladies, you have both been great to work with and have really helped me create some continuity. I look forward to showing the next batch featuring the entire new look. This pic shows a custom order with the hang tags and stickers.

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