Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday Night

I think I may change the name of this blog to the Sunday Night Blog. I only seem to have time to do it at the moment on a Sunday evening when I just don`t want to go to bed yet. I think its a phsycological `if I don't sleep, the weekend ain't over` thing.

There have been some additions to my inventory this week. The first is this cute mini bag commissioned by a customer that saw the frame purse in this fabric but wanted something more petite.
The second one is a tattoo fabric bag that I just fell in love with the fabric. Its a new shape also and I am really pleased with the results. I think I will make some more in this shape.

I am going to make some cushions next week (yes I don't just make bags). We have a new sofa coming soon (12 weeks seems like an eternity when you really want something to arrive) and I wanted to give the whole thing a new look having already painted the chimney breast because `it just wasn't right`. I am going to use the `Amy Butler Hourglass Pillow design free on her wonderful website. Had fun seeking out fabrics. Not gone AB there though - hope she is not offended. Her fabrics are divine but far too crafty and blousy for the better half. I just love shopping for fabric. I am normal, I do like shoes as well but I seriously have a `fabric problem`!
If I have enough, I may make another quilt. I haven`t made one for ages and the `cat quilt` always gets nabbed by someone else when its chilly and I need one too. Not fair really when you think about it - I am not bitter- much.

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