Sunday, 6 July 2008

New Fave Etsy Sellers - July

That should ready June Part 3 but the last few weeks have proven rather busy. I have not had time to sew which is a good thing as my Mum has borrowed the sewing machine. I say borrowed, but it was hers in the first place and my Dad banned her from using it. Apparently father has lifted said ban for a short time. No matter, no bloomin sewing time yet. Why is the summer term so hectic? Trips, new schools, fetes, the list goes on! Only 2 weeks and 2 days left till a glorious 6 weeks off. Yes, I know that is one hell of a holiday, but there has to be some perks to cooking school lunches!!!!!!!!!!!

This time the etsy seller feature is Sherrie Spencer. The detail in her artwork is quite unsurpassed. Fans of Johnny Depp should take a peek in her shop. Lots of fairies, which are my particular thing (not that I do not like JD).
Visit her shop at

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