Friday, 25 July 2008

Summers here

And I am going to foreign climes, typical. I am happy nonetheless as I am not at work. Felt strange the first day, like I missed it. The offspring are bored which is a bummer because there is not much to do here and the other half has my car as the fuel economy is better on mine. Damn his impractical car purchases and damn the bloody oil companies. Went for a fruitless walk to find the shop in the next village yesterday. I know where it is, just did not want to walkup the busy B1113. It was a lovely day for it so all was not lost. We have car today, yay.
I have the trusty sewing machine back and have produced some bags for some custom requests. Just need postie to bring me the handles and I will post some pics.
Oh, I found my daughters blog today - its ok folks I did not wince. She actually spins a good text.

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