Thursday, 21 August 2008

Well Maybe Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, before I went on my hols to Egypt I posted `Summers Here`. It would seem, not so much.
I left 40 degree heat and came back to 15!!!!!!!!!!!!. Its rained virtually every day since I have been back. My six week work holiday is over bar a week and I haven't sewn a bloomin thing. I think all this cruddy rain is sapping my creative juices.
I was going to post some pictures of the garden but it just hasn't lived up to expectations this year. Every time I feed my beloved tropical beauties it rains after and washes it all away. Don't get me wrong- its not bad, its just not as good as I would like.
I have started a pictorial history of the gardens evolution on my flickr page for anyone who is interested. None of this year yet, but there will be later.

These are some custom orders I finished before I left for foreign climes. Well, I had to post some sewing didnt I?

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