Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Well, who knew????????????

My daughter introduced me to a new tv programme a few weeks ago whilst sitting home looking or a job. A mind numbing and soul destroying pastime for any of us so I figured this would be one of those irritating teen things which render me with the absolute assurance that I should rather stick pins in my eyes than watch it.
I begrudgingly sat down with her to watch it as I was on holiday from work also and I have to watch something - not sure why, but I do.

"Its like `you and me if you did not get married" she said. Isn't that everyone I thought. I should point out that I did not happen upon my husband until after my daughters appearance into the world.

Have you guessed it yet. Well I am totally addicted to `Gilmore Girls` now. I don't watch that kind of TV much but I love it. The trouble is its on every day!
I watched yesterday as I am now off sick. I watched alone! OMG I realised that she was right. The daughter was going to Yale and my daughter is away for the week and I felt really quite tearful. The sudden realisation that I was watching our tv without her and even more poignantly that I was feeling exactly how the MUM was on the programme.

Last night I was suffering impossible insomnia brought on by ongoing health problems (far to yukky to share) and I found an old episode we had missed whilst on holiday. So dear daughter - I know why Jess has gone! I will tell you later.


Yes he has been on this blog before. I had better not post another or I might be considered a stalker. Its not the reason I like this but I did squeal "its Peter Petrelli! but really young!" god i am embarrassing

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