Thursday, 16 October 2008

Its nearly Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its been a long while since I blogged. I am so naughty. I have been busy though. Last week I did a charity fundraiser which I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed. I did not make megabucks but I did sell some stuff and got so many genuinely encouraging compliments. I would really recommend it.
Here are what is left of my best sellers at the show. Wish I had had time to take pics of them all first but it was rush rush rush.
These are now in my etsy shop and will be trialled on ebay at the weekend. They are as always OOAK so get them while they are there. There is still time for custom orders of these and at £4 they are a steal. Why not get one or two for your little monsters.

Also about to go in the shop are some lovely Christmas Stockings ( I know I know, but you cant ignore it forever)
Here`s a sneaky preview


  1. cute bags and stockings , if you fancy entering our mid monthly competitions for craft prizes, or our weekly challenges for fun and inspiration , pop in and sign up free at our crafting site
    x jayne x !!!

  2. xs for sharing over on Fiskarettes , ive made the comment more like a post hope you dont mind , feel free to use contact us icon over there if you dont like what ive done x jayne