Saturday, 13 December 2008

Not Such an Angel

Well I have shared my others cats` antics in the litter tray.

This little angel has been a naughty boy.

I have a breakfast ritual of fruit salad , followed by toast and tea.

Yesterday I settled down to breakfast in front of the telly (well you have to start the day right don't you). Halfway through the lovely fruit I think `what`s that noise?`. When I look at the table next to me the little devil is happily licking the jam from the toast which I must point out was the last slice of my gluten free bread. What the heck kind of cat likes jam anyway?
To say I was angry may be an understatement. I went to work hungry and `Tubby` spent an hour or two in the doghouse.

If you are a fellow cat owner you will relate to this. Even if you are not, its still amusing ( I think)
Apologies if you have seen it before, but I never tire of it.

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