Friday, 13 February 2009

Handmade Help Donation

I am sure we all feel for the folks in Oz following the devastating bushfires. I have been reading on Handmade Help about the listings and auctions people are putting up for the appeal. This is such a fantastic way to raise money.

I have put my cute kitties bag up as a charity listing. I will donate the full pice paid for the bag and any leftovers on the actual postage cost (sometimes there are some and I always include a bit for packaging and petrol, but that will go to the red cross).

If you don`t fancy my item there are heaps more to choose from to help this very worthy cause.

My listing is here

and if you would like to look at Handmade Help at

Thanks in anticipation for your generosity


  1. What a nice blog! Could you let me know more about the donation effort? I also have a purse business on etsy ( and would like to donate!

  2. Thanks meg
    i am sure all donations will be greatly recieved. There is no middle man you just sell your item with the charity announcement and then donate it to the Red Cross. If you pop along to
    There is much more detail and you can see the kinds of stuff people are putting up. Mine has not shown up on there yet so they may have a lot to get through.