Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Rachel`s Done

And she is gorgeous. Like all these new babies, she is aroung 38cm (15inches) tall. Quite a bit larger than the previous ones. Please also note they have pom pom tails so not suitable for under 5`s unless they are going on a high shelf to gaze lovingly upon their new friend. They can have a supervised hug of course.

The normal rules apply, she can be sold locally but not in my internet shops. E-mail me in the contact details if you would like to adopt her. These bunnies just keep on coming but I am determined to keep them OOAK. You should see my yarn stash its so multi coloured now as you dont need much you can buy bin ends etc.
P.S. I need to kit out new craft space so make me an offer. With no shop fees, it may be more reasonable than you think.

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