Monday, 2 November 2009

Domestic Goddessness

Not sure if that's a word, but, well, it is now cos I just said it.
Yesterday was the last day of my half-term holiday (I work in a school so I break when the kids do). In addition to my fabulous pumpkin pie I made on Sunday, I made chutney and my Christmas cake yesterday. Could not put it in yesterdays post as I did not want to steal Elspeth`s thunder.

Also at the weekend I spent a very enjoyable day in town with my sister-in-law spending my birthday money and buying some Christmas presents.
How long did I take smelling the Yankee Candles in the new, very teeny shop with only Yankee in it? Ages, I can tell you. I had decided that I was only buying one jar and it took a long while to decide which one. I ended up with `Farmers Market` and could not resist a beautiful shade to go on the top. I think it looks great.

Goes so well with my other things but did wonder if its overkill and to move the pumpkin now halloween has past. Only to the kitchen, it looks cute in there.

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  1. Just love that candle, wish I could scratch and sniff!!! LOL