Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Rabbit Reminder

Lots of my girl animals are selling in my etsy shop but the boys are still available. I have pictured below all that have left with prices for purchasing straight from the blog as some I cannot put in etsy shop. If you are interested in any just leave a comment or e-mail me from my profile page. Its quite simple to send a paypal invoice. Shipping is for UK , just ask for a price for overseas, I only charge actual airmail cost plus a tiny bit for packaging.

REBECCA £20 +£2 p&p 35cm SOLD

ROLEY £20 +£2 p&p 35cm NOW SOLD

BILLY £10 +£2 p&p 20cm SOLD

BARNEY £10 +£2 p&p 20cm

BENGY £10 +£2 p&p 20cm

BABETTE £20 +£2 P&p 30cm

ROBBIE £20 =£2 p&p 35cm SOLD

RACHEL £20 +£2 p&p 35cm

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