Monday, 7 December 2009


Update to previous post, sorry not in poem form. It would seem I am only inspired by disaster!
Problems rectified and Eloise is done. She sadly is spoken for and I might have a problem parting with her.
I am building a little list of folk wanting to adopt my ellies. Please do let me know if you would like one. Every one will be unique, I do not like to make any the same as before(just like people really). Each one takes me around a week. Not solid knitting you understand. I unfortunately have to go to work and clean the house occasionally. I will be able to tell you an approximation of when your new arrival will be due.


  1. what a lovely elephant. Was this the 'poorly' one from the previous post?

    Good luck with the sales!

    Esther x

  2. Indeed it was Esther. My gosh the air was blue. Though I was quite pleased with the resulting poetry.