Thursday, 3 December 2009

A Knitters Tale of Woe

Here begins a tale of woe
A journey on which no knitter should go.
Having knitted many rabbits and bears
A knitter embarked on the 2nd elephant with ears.
She stuffed and stitched but soon became
aware said ears were not the same!
The left was smaller than the right
and tho the knitter tried with all her might,
she could not make it look the best
and would have to give up her quest.
There was no other course of action,
than to perform some minor subtraction.
She unpicked the larger with what she thought was care
to replace with a smaller ear.
Then, oh no, utter disaster!
Unravelling fast and faster.
One wrong snip, the hole was forming
on the head till it was gaping and yawning!
The vocabulary used was both graphic and vast!
The entire family were aghast!
Two evenings clicking, gone to waste,
No she could not `just stick and paste`!
One ear was salvaged, tea was made.
Salving nerves so cruelly frayed.
The knitter started on a brand new head
which she would finish before going to bed.
The lesson learned, `check before you sew`,
or on this tedious journey you also will go.


  1. Oh nnoooooo, I know how you feel alas it has happened to me.

    I did luv your poetry though it made me laugh sooo


  2. I am so sorry that you had problems but love the poetry that came from it!!! LOL, that was great!

  3. I hate it when that happens! Sometimes you can salvage it with some kind of darning but I think this one has gone too far. Its not just the fact that something is ruined its the time it took to get there which is lost is the main pain in the backside!