Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year New Obsession

Well its a new year. Another Christmas has crept up on us and passed before you know it. The tree is packed away for another 11 months or so.
I had made so many bunnies, teddies and elephants in the last few months I fancied a change. I have always shied away from these as I am somewhat apprehensive of dpns and the curse of the circular needle. Nonetheless I had this urge to make `socks`!

So when my Mum gave me a leftover skein of Sirdar Crofter I was reminded of a sock pattern in Lets Knit that used this very yarn and, I was sure, used 2 normal pins. Yes after some searching and then finding it was actually in Crafts Beautiful I found said pattern and voila, here they are. I am already looking for more. I loved doing these and can quite see how some get quite addicted to knitting socks. Who knows, I may try the dpns next time.


  1. They are lovely Joy. Just what you need in this weather!!

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