Sunday, 16 May 2010

Pandas anyone?

I have been somewhat remiss with the old blog recently, but I have been working hard, I promise. I finished this panda a wee while ago and forgot to show you all. She is made purely in Louisa Harding Nautical Cotton and although I made her some clothes, they really did nothing to enhance her whatsoever.She looks so much better this way with a cute bow. So I have kept the clothes for a discerningly modest bunny.

I have also been working on some stuff for a custom order which I had to just send but never mind. I managed to take a quick snap of just some of it. Clip on pouches to hold the doggie poop bags. I don't have a dog but I felt sure these would be useful and so did my customer and placed me a nice order.

I am keeping Patsy for my new etsy shop `Cutey Critters` which I will be opening properly soon. I have finished 2 felt horses and almost finished a new bunny for the shop, then I have enough to be starting with. Its all go here, I tell you.

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